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Jayne Micallef –

Rockhampton Road , South Croydon, London CR2 7AQ, England

I offer pregnancy yoga with hypnobirthing for expectant mums and a calm birth workshop for couples in South Croydon.


Hello, my name is Jayne I am a qualified Dru Yoga Teacher, KG Hypnobirthing Practitioner & NLP Coach with over ten years of experience. I have worked with more than three thousand women in combining yoga with proven mind-body techniques for childbirth.

“My target is to offer pregnant couples information, guidance and support, empowering them to make choices that work for them. I aim to empower women to take an active role in their birth so they can be confident and have as much comfort and ease as possible.”

“I just wanted to let you and the class know that our little girl arrived this morning! Whilst I forgot all the visualisations, I remembered the principle of relaxing and the breathing and managed with just gas and air in the pool which surprised me. I also didn’t need to push until she was halfway out and a bit stuck – so with one push she was born, and didn’t even cry. She’s very chilled out, and I don’t need stitches despite her 3kg and emerging with her hand on her face. I’m sure the techniques from attending the class had lodged themselves into my subconscious. I certainly wasn’t very good at home practice or listening to the hypnobirthing CDs in my spare time…”

“I wanted to let you know that I had the most amazing birth experience and that the classes played a huge role in making that possible. I had to be induced at 39 weeks for gestational diabetes and after days of slow-release hormones not much had happened. I then had my waters broken manually and was started on synthetic oxytocin. This is supposed to produce a more intense, hard-to-handle labour and the midwife said that about 99% of ladies need an epidural. I stuck to my visualisations and I felt brilliant throughout. I pictured feathers floating up and swirling overhead and also bubbles which lifted me into the sky. I was pretty spaced but also very happy as I could feel that my body knew what to do. When it came to pushing I used my deep ‘ugh’ breath and he came out quickly and easily. I was so welcoming of the contractions that I wanted them to last longer! All in all, it was a really magical few hours and I really want to say thank you. Your class really helped me to be prepared physically and mentally.”

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