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Lydia Barlow – My Hypnobirth

Welcome to My Hypnobirth, running group Hypnobirthing workshops in Forest Hill, SE23 and Blackheath London. Private Hypnobirthing classes are available in London and the surrounding areas including Brighton & Guildford.

You may have recently heard about positive, empowering birth stories and are already aware of the profound effects using Hypnobirthing can have on both mother and baby. Or perhaps you are unsure about Hypnobirthing, you may have had a previous traumatic birth experience and are asking the question ‘Does Hypnobirthing really work?’

Hypnobirthing is clinically proven to improve the birthing experience for both mother and baby. It is a complete antenatal course which will educate and prepare you to look forward to birth with positivity.


My name is Lydia. I am a mum of two and a registered KGHypnobirthing practitioner (KGHypnobirthing the UK’s leading provider). The KGHypnobirthing teaching diploma is fully accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, which is a testament to the highest standard of training. I am also a registered member of the Hypnobirthing Association.

I have first hand experience of Hypnobirthing and with two contrasting labour experiences, I understand the difference Hypnobirthing makes. My approach to teaching will empower you to have complete confidence in your own understanding and how Hypnobirthing can work for you.

“Thank you so much for all your support. I cannot recommend you highly enough! Everything was beneficial from the positive affirmations to the relaxing visualisations and breathing techniques. Each played a part in making my labour a calm and empowering experience. This was my quickest birth of all three with Lila arriving under two hours and it was certainly the most straightforward, easiest delivery and the least pushing time. I had the confidence to tell my midwife what position I wanted to be in during the pushing stage, as I understood how my body would work to its full potential. As a result this was the quickest pushing time I had and this had been a concern of mine after difficulty in previous labours. The breathing techniques and up/down visualisations were so helpful as you know what your body is doing, so you work with it and not against it. The midwife that delivered Lila told us afterwards it was her second day as a qualified midwife and her first ever delivery. Her supervisor said she was very lucky to have had such a straightforward and calm birth for her first experience, all thanks to My Hypnobirth.” Jo – Mum to Dylan, Flynn and new addition Lila.

My Hypnobirth group workshops are currently limited to three couples to enable us to socially distance and remain 2m apart.

Before attending any private or group workshop you will be required to complete an online COVID-19 screening form.

The workshop is non contact by the practitioner and you will remain next to your partner. Hand sanitiser will be provided, frequent hand washing encouraged throughout the day & your practitioner will be wearing a visor.

Clients will be required to wear a face mask whilst moving around the venue and these can be removed once in your designated spaces (at least 2 m apart) in the studio.

We are also running our Online Workshops or one-to-one Private Workshops where our practitioner will come to your home.

Based in SE23 London and covering London and the surronding areas. Private workshops are available in London, Guildford and Brighton. Please contact  or visit