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Zoe Donkin – The Hypnobirthing Place

59 E Dulwich Rd, London, London SE22 9AP, England

Hi I’m Zoe, an experienced hypnobirthing teacher and life coach. 

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I live and teach in South East London (Nunhead/Peckham).

I believe that all the resources you need for an empowering birth and happy life as a mum are already within you.

My job is to provide you with the support and techniques to find and use those resources, so you can draw on them whenever you need to. 

I’ve experienced two totally different types of birth – one in which I was induced and ended with my son being born by cesarean, the other in which I used hypnobirthing to have my daughter at home. I felt empowered, calm and totally confident in my body’s ability to give birth naturally.

The fact that I’ve had two such different experiences means I come to hypnobirthing with a rounded and holistic view of birth. It means I am able to help couples prepare for birth and parenthood in all sorts of circumstances. 

You will find that the course I teach is always tailored to meet your individual needs, so we will focus on whatever your are most anxious about as well as on whatever makes you feel most calm (everybody’s different). This is all about YOU owning your birth experience.

I want to spread the positive difference hypnobirthing makes, so 10% of every course fee goes towards making births safer for women around the world.


I live in Peckham with my husband James, son Joseph (5 years old) and daughter Iris (2 years old). 

I am committed to doing everything I can to help you experience the empowerment of a gentle and natural birth with Hypnobirthing.

Hypnobirthing is logical, simple, practical… a very effective and complete antenatal education. I will teach you invaluable hypnobirthing techniques in a relaxed and supportive environment; very informative with lots of laughter too!

I am also an advanced Neurolinguistic Programming therapist (NLP). This is essentially a form of life coaching which uses tools to unlock unhelpful behaviours, thought patterns or habits, replacing them with more positive and helpful ones!

NLP gives me the expertise to provide not only the core Hypnobirthing techniques but also to offer tailor made tools and exercises to help parents–to–be get the most from my course. For example, if a mum-to-be says she simply don’t know if she’s physically or mentally able to have the birth she wants I have exercises to help her believe in herself.

I offer ongoing support after the course has finished and am on hand to help you and your partner get the most from your practice.

Please see my website for many postive testimonials and birth stories. I pride myself on getting most of my couples from recommendations, and hear again and again what a positive difference the course has made for the lovely mums and dads I teach. Here are just a few examples:

“Thanks to your help we feel much more confident and relaxed ahead of the birth of our second child. We were both anxious after a difficult first birth and our worries seem to have dropped away following our hypnobirthing sessions. We found you knowledgable and kind, and you spoke great sense as you outlined techniques and visualisations. We would highly recommend this course.”

 Beth and James, second time parents

“Hypnobirthing definitely helped me! I had a 12 hour labour from first contraction and Annie was born in the pool. All the midwives said they would recommend hypnobirthing to everyone and that they could definitely tell the difference. Thanks so much for your help, I can only imagine the experience would have proven a lot scarier and more daunting without you.”

Sian, first time mum

“My second labour was completely different to last time in so many ways… thank you so much for being such a great and patient teacher and getting me through it, I couldn’t have got to that point without you”.

 Bee, second time mum

I offer a variety of packages to suit you.

Group classes are held once a month at the weekend (over 2 x 4 hour sessions).

Private classes are taught in your home or on the phone, depending on your budget and location.

Please see my website for up to date courses in 2017 or get in touch to find out more.