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Sophie Elliott – Wonder Birthing Co

Stockport, Manchester, England

My name is Sophie. I first qualified as a Midwife with the University of Middlesex in 2017. With now 6 years of experience as a Midwife, I have worked in a very fast-paced maternity unit in North West London, to moving to South Manchester with my now Husband in 2019. Since this, I have worked in another busy maternity unit in South Manchester until 2020 where I worked as a rotational Midwife, to finally finding my real passion within Midwifery, that is working as a community Midwife. This role particularly involves working in a case-loading team, whereby I have the fortunate opportunity to care for women during their early antenatal period until the final moment they are discharged with their babies up to 4 weeks postnatally. Alongside this, I work an on-call rota, whereby I attend home births and births on our Midwifery led unit for women within this caseload. This is where I very quickly developed my passion for midwifery led births and have been fortunate enough to see first hand the true benefits of hypnobirthing.

With now 3 years of working in a Midwifery case-loading team, not only did my passion for hypnobirthing grow, but my fascination and desire to know more about this grew very rapidly . With hypnobirthing quickly becoming an extremely popular topic amongst pregnant women and Midwives, being able to witness hypnobirthing during labour and birth meant that I had no choice but to find out more. I felt that as a Midwife and being extremely passionate about continuity of care and aiming to improve birth outcomes for women, I believe that joining the KG hypnobirthing course in January 2023 was simply a no brainer. My biggest regret in my career so far, is not knowing about KG hypnobirthing sooner.