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Janine Swindale – Blacketts Retreat

Newhouses, Allenheads, Northumberland NE479HX, England

Janine has a strong commitment to normalising birth. “My experiences as a Midwife have helped me to have an understand the importance of the strong mind and body connection when women are birthing. Women who are more relaxed and confident in their birthing bodies have a better birth experience. As a complementary therapist I see the adverse physical and emotional effects of stress and anxiety and have seen how relaxation and breathing techniques can positively improve health and well being.”

Hypnobirthing is a way for you, your birthing partner and your baby to have a positive, gentle experience of birth.

The mind body connection with birth has long been acknowledged in many cultures. Cultures such as the Native Americans would use rituals and contemplation as a means of preparation for birth.

Dr. Grantley Dick-Read, often referred to as the Father of Natural Childbirth acknowledged the connection between fear and pain as far back as 1933 in his book ‘Childbirth Without Fear’.

The KG Hypnobirthing Course teaches you and your birthing partner the importance of replacing fear with confidence during birth. You will learn to understand that just as fear and tension can affect the birthing body on a physiological level and make birth a difficult process, conversely confidence and relaxation can enable the birthing body to work easily and efficiently, hence why Hypnobirths have a reputation for being easier and quicker.

Many couples find upon completing the Hypnobirthing Course that they have a deep confidence in the birthing body and are free of negative thoughts around birth. This together with the relaxation techniques mean you and your birthing partner can look forward to a gentle, calm birth for both you and your baby.

Hypnosis is simply deep relaxation (a similar feeling to daydreaming or becoming focused in a good book or a film). During birth you will be aware and totally in control but deeply relaxed and calm. This calmness brings with it a clear mind for staying in control as well as being aware of the changes in your birthing body and being able to make decisions.

KG Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal training programme which is simple, logical and profound.

Hypnobirthing is centred on releasing fear and building confidence in the natural process of birth through practising relaxation techniques and being well informed so you can make the best choices about your care.


I have a strong commitment to normalising birth. “My experiences as a Midwife have helped me to have an understand the importance of the strong mind and body connection when women are birthing. Women who are more relaxed and confident in their birthing bodies have a better birth experience. As a complementary therapist I see the adverse physical and emotional effects of stress and anxiety and have seen how relaxation and breathing techniques can positively improve health and well being.”

Nadia and Ryan’s Hypnobirthing Story

“Due to work commitments, my husband and I booked some private sessions. Janine was so warm and personable from the beginning. She put us both at ease immediately and my husband felt very included which was exactly what we wanted. Every time I had talked about labour with husbands and partners they always say they felt like a ‘spare part’ so I wanted to make sure that my husband was an important part of the birthing process.

The sessions were informative yet relaxed. When we had questions, Janine would answer them in detail and show pictures or use props to help us understand. After the sessions we were given practical activities to do at home. It was an excellent bonding experience for my husband and I. After each session, our confidence grew and we had a lot of ‘tools’ in our tool box. I knew what kind of birth I wanted (natural water birth) but I was also realistic enough to realise that if there were changes or complications, I was well prepared to deal with them.

And so, to our birthing story…I was due on 31st Jan but on Tuesday 21st Jan my waters broke. It was 3pm. I waited until my husband came home and we went to get checked out at the hospital a few hours later. The midwife examined me and said I was 2cm dilated but I was in no pain whatsoever. I was as happy, calm and in a really positive frame of mind. My husband gave me light touch massage in the hospital room. At about 8.30pm the doctor came in and said that I had to return the following night to be induced but in the meantime go for long walks etc to try and start the labour naturally. She gave me some information about being induced to read over. After reading the first paragraph about IV drips and medication etc. I stopped reading and decided that I was going to have the baby that night! My husband said that after I had made that decision, I was so focused and determined. I started to go over the calming methods Janine had taught me.

So we got back in the house at about 9pm and I started to get lower back pain but no abdominal pain. My husband calmly started reading the birthing script to me and massaging my back, however I was still pacing so it was difficult for him to do it. However, he knew just to say a few of the trigger words to me and place his hands on my shoulders to calm me. At about 9.25pm, he ran the bath, turned the lights off and lit a candle.

Ryan had a surges app on his iPhone which meant he could record my surges without any disruption. He said my strong surges started at 9.37pm. They were lasting for 40secs-1. Min and were about1 min apart. He called the hospital and the midwife asked to speak to me. I as able to talk to her but then breathed through a surge while I was on the phone. Ryan had explained we were Hypnobirthing but she said that because it was my first baby, I would be like that for at least another few hours before he should bring me in to hospital. She said she could hear my breathing but I didn’t sound in distress. Ryan put the phone down and I told him I could feel the baby’s head. As he was on the phone to the paramedics, our little boy came out into the water and gently came to the surface, where I lifted him out and he started feeding immediately. Everything happened within 50 minutes and it was the most amazing experience of our lives! It was perfect! Our son is now 3 months old and is very happy, relaxed and placid, which I’m sure is of a result of his birth.

I highly recommend Hypnobirthing for all women and in particular, those who have fears about labour or have had previous traumatic births. We thoroughly enjoyed the course, found it a positive bonding experience and with Janine’s help, we managed to have our perfect birth! Thanks Janine!” – Nadia

Hypnobirthing at Blacketts Retreat

“I’m so glad we found Janine. With both extensive midwifery and hypnobirthing experience, her advice was practical, calming and more than encouraging. I am now looking forward to the birth of our first child instead of fearing it. I can’t thank her enough for the ‘tools’ she’s equipped us with to positively breath through our birth.

If you’re looking for ways to help you birth naturally then look no further.” – Karen, Whitley Bay

Suzanne and Johns Birth Story 2nd baby

“I wanted to share with you our birth story I am so proud of our little prince Joseph and I really feel he had the birth is hoped for.

As you know I was terrified!!! After last time ventouse/epidural fiasco! We really worked hard reading the book, listening to the cd and putting into practice the relaxation techniques.

Contractions started at 12 midnight on 1st of June, the day after my due date and I went back to sleep as they were mild. Anyway 4am I woke up contracting every 7 mins but moderate so went downstairs watched some rubbish on tv and had some toast. 8am they were 5 mins apart so sat in clary sage bath for 2 hours using relaxation and breathing techniques.

Kept moving and breathing and when I got out the bath and gravity took over by 1pm they were 2 mins 30secs apart, I phoned the hospital who suggested I went in. They then spoke to hubby and told him to get there ASAP!

Arrived at the Hospital at 1.30pm and stayed standing up even being monitored and with a clip on baby’s head. Anyway waters popped themselves (messy) about 2pm. Laboured using hypnobirthing and gas and air, stood up just before 3pm and gravity took over. Pushed my gorgeous little boy out 20 mins later.

John really came into his own as my birthing partner and was so much help to me. He was able to give me focus and talking me through contractions, telling me to stay relaxed and breathe was so helpful. It was really effective for me to squeeze his hand at the point the contraction was the most painful and for him to count down from 10 at that point so I knew the end of the pain was in sight!

I couldn’t believe I could talk and make clear headed decisions between contractions and I felt empowered to say to the midwives “wait I will answer you after this contraction” and put my focus into dealing with that first.

I pushed the baby out rather than breathing him out but it felt right and I was doing what my body wanted.

What an amazing uplifting experience. My husband said I “knocked it out the park”. I am so proud of our team work and giving my little boy a fab birthing experience.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!xxx” – Suzanne

What to Expect During a Hypnobirthing Course

  • An introduction to Hypnobirthing – why does is work so well?
  • The connection between fear and pain
  • How the birthing body actually works
  • Hypnosis – what exactly is it and why does it work so well for birth?
  • Visualisation
  • Breathing techniques for relaxation and birth
  • Progressive Relaxation
  • Special techniques for birthing partners to support during labour and birth
  • Film of a wonderful Hypnobirth
  • More breathing techniques and practise
  • How to help your baby into a good position for birth
  • Specialised hypnosis session – releasing fears and building confidence
  • Massage techniques for labour
  • Breathing for birthing
  • What to expect during labour
  • Making a Hypnobirthing Birth Plan
  • Making decisions and special circumstances
  • The placenta
  • Birthing Positions