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Liz Swinton – New Arrivals

Corbridge, Northumberland NE45 5JE, England

Tyne & Wear , England

New Arrivals provides a complete, personalised antenatal education through a variety of classes. These are taught in the comfort of your own home by a Registered Midwife and can be attended by your chosen birth partners. 

I take a holistic approach and draw upon your own strengths and skills to help empower you for the birth and beyond. The relaxation techniques are fantastic life skills and I have a range of expereinces and local knowledge to draw upon. 



I’m Liz. I have been working as a Midwife within NHS hospital settings since 2013 and have a vast range of experiences, skills and in depth knowledge that I am enthusiastic to share. I do some antenatal education/parent craft sporadically within my NHS role but I am passionate about sharing knowedge, and believe in providing better quality, individualised classes – hence the creation of New Arrivals. 

Informed choice is essential – but what does this mean? And what does this mean for you? I believe in teaching a thorough and comprehensive range of classes, which can be tailored to your specific needs. Regardless of the type of birth you may plan for, and what type of birth happens on the day, I believe you should feel empowered, informed and confident in your skills and your choices. 

I offer one to one classes in your home. I work across Northumberland, Newcastle and Gateshead and occaisionally further afield! I have also taught internationally via video calls. 

‘Get far more than just hypnobirthing class with Liz, felt she covered so much with factual evidence based information. We felt well prepared for all circumstances. My partner felt included and the exercises prepared us as a team to support each other in the run up to our delivery. Not everything went to plan but used the techniques to keep calm throughout’, Mother 

‘We completed the antenatal course in the lead up to having our first baby and we can’t recommend it enough! As a result of being informed and reassured about pregnancy and birth and by using hypnobirthing we had an easy, calm and painless birth and had a wonderful experience. The course is personalised, evidence-based, thorough and great value for money. Having the continued support of Liz throughout pregnancy and birth has been invaluable and we would absolutely recommend the course to anyone who is expecting a baby!’, a couple

‘hypnobirthing works’, Mother

‘the midwife had a lovely/cheerful personality which I found to be a bonus! – good sense of humour too!’, Mother

‘Liz was very helpful, well organised and easy to approach’, Mother

‘a mix of facts and fun learning with humour mixed in’, Father

KGHypnobirthing = minimum of 4 x 2.5 hour sessions. Hypnobirthing is supported and used within NHS settings as it complements the care you receive from your midwife and healthcare professionals. This is a complete antenatal education and preparation for all types of birth. The information provided and relaxation techniques taught are logical and practical. Amongst other things, this course covers the physiological process of birth, which options are available at different birth place settings, the role of birth partners, deciding when to call the midwife; however the specific content of this course is adapted to your preferences.

Bairn Necessities = one session covering what to expect in the first few days with a newborn baby, normal baby behaviours, changing nappies, baby baths, and what to expect as the mothers body changes.

Making Milk = one session covering infant feeding. This session can be adapted to your preferences. It features information about breastfeeding and formula feeding and supporting those choices.

Ooops I did it again! = custom packages for parents who are pregnant again and fancy a refresher, or for new partnerships where one person is new to this baby business.

BOGOF = its twins, or triplets, or quads! Extra sessions about coping with more than one bundle of joy.

Taster Session = Not sure ‘hypnobirthing’ is for you? Not sure what hypnobirthing is? Are you thinking it sounds silly and strange and I’m not sure its my cup of tea? Or I’m planning on having an epidural or Ceasarean birth so this won’t be relevant? – 60 minute taster session available, covering what KG Hypnobirthing is about, getting to know the teacher and a brief relaxation for £25. No strings attached, however discount offered if you go ahead and book more classes.

Three Step Rewind Process – a gentle way of processing negative feelings after birth. 

All enquiries welcome!