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Cathryn Penn – Little Bear Birthing

Would you like an empowering and positive birth that is right for you?

Do you feel anxious about birth or have had difficult past experiences?

Hypnobirthing could positively impact on your birth journey.


I am a Clinical Psychologist by day and mum to three beautiful boys. I trained as a hypnobirthing practitioner in 2019 following the positive experience of using hypnobirthing with the birth of my first son, despite the birth not going as perhaps I had first planned. All three of my births have been different but I can say without any hesitation that hypnobirthing has supported me in each. I aim to support mum’s-to-be and their birth partners during this incredible time in their lives, and love the positive impact hypnobirthing can have. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like further information.

Thanks for all your help with the hypnobirthing. We used it a lot in preparation for the birth and the labour itself. Unfortunately our labour didn’t go quite to plan. We had initially wanted a home water birth but I was told this wasn’t advised…In the end we had a C-section producing a healthy baby girl. So although we did use the techniques positively I can’t say what they would have been like in the later parts of labour. but I am sure I will use them again if we have more children. It was a very positive experience and my husband and I felt calm and relaxed throughout the process.

Oxfordshire Couple 2021

Hypnobirthing opened my eyes to another approach to birth and really brought ,what seemed like a mysterious event, back to basic, natural instincts.

First Time Mum

I have to admit I had that classic ‘old school’ mentality. Hypnobirthing was not something I knew much about and couldn’t see how it could really make much of a difference. Even during some of the practice sessions with my partner I would often laugh my way through some of the exercises and was just looking forward to the big day. How wrong I was though?! I can honestly say that the way the hypnobirthing routines and ideas brought us together through the birth blew my mind. I was with my partner through every contraction and breath, and we were joined in what felt like an incredible journey right until the end. I was even praised by the midwife for being such an attentive birthing partner! I cannot recommend highly enough how it improved our birthing experience and I can only suggest you go for it and see for yourselves.

Hypnobirthing Dad

I offer individual courses in your home with flexibility around days and times.

I also offer face-to-face groups in and around Didcot, South Oxfordshire.

Alternatively, I can offer online sessions if this is more convenient. Please contact me for further details.

*10% discount available to those referred by previous clients.