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Congratulations on your pregnancy!  In the coming months you will be welcoming your baby and I am delighted that you are looking for a KGHypnobirthing teacher.  With the many physical, emotional and hormonal changes it sometimes feels like a game of snakes and ladders doesn’t it – as a qualified KGH Practitioner, I will take care of you. I will guide you through your KGHypnobirthing classes where you will discover so many wonderful techniques and so many “a-ha” moments that will inspire you, prepare you and lead you to the most empowering birth-day that you, your birth-partner and your baby will experience.  I love to connect on Instagram so come over and say hello on @ellivase_hypnobirthing where I will share some real treasures from birth educators, suppliers, midwives as well as events that I will host throughout the year – do come along if you can.  If you would like to meet to talk through any questions, I’d be delighted to catch up, we can have a cup of tea and a chat together or if you prefer, please send any questions to    


I love meeting people and have always had a caring disposition.  Over the past 3 years I chose to study subjects whereby I can learn to understand people on a very caring and personable level.  I  have studied and researched, achieving a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and a Diploma in Psychodynanmic Counselling Level 4 but throughout Year 2 my heart strings were pulled back to Year 1 – to a yearning to learn more about how we can mindfully embrace delivery and discover a closer connection to unborn babies through hypnobirthing.  

In Year 3 I took a detour – I followed my instinct and my heart and completed the KGH Training, and I qualified as a KGH Practitioner in June 2022.  Since then I have been listening and poured my heart and soul into creating something so special that will inspire and prepare you and your birth partner, to lead you to the most empowering BIRTH-day that you all will experience.

I am a mum to one daughter who I have raised by myself and have loved every chapter – even the most challenging ones!  I wish I knew about hypnobirthing when I had my daughter – this is a superb opportunity for you and I will be delighted to join your journey and to signpost you along the way.

I LOVED the hypnobirthing experience. It was truly transformative for me. First two births were induced and long and arduous and then dicey at the end (perhaps a conventional standard?), but after hypnobirthing, the third felt breezy – almost enjoyable and empowering (although I realise this sounds absurd and rose-tinted!).

I felt like I could cope and my body could do it and that I just needed to retain focus on the little hot air balloon that was inflating and being pushed away repeatedly with each contraction for about a day and a bit!

I am a total convert and I’m sure you’ll hear that again and again from whoever you ask. I try to put the principles in action when I become worried or stressed at work, too. 

The course is 12 hours, spread over one evening a week for four weeks.  The course can also be held over a weekend.  Face to face classes are held in the comfort of your own home on a 1:1 basis or in a group of no more than 3 couples at The Old Dairy Retreat.  If you have a family member or a friend who is also expecting why not join up together at your chosen address, I will offer a discount to the host.  

At KGH we want this course to be afforable and available to as many women and their birth partners as possible.  There is also an on line parents course that you can take – the link is in my profile on @ellivase_hypnobirthing  If, following that course that you will complete yourself, you feel that you would like me to take you through the course, do get in touch, and I will happily offer a discounted rate to you.

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