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Jenny Mison – Hypnobirthing With Jenny

Penn, Midlands, Staffordshire WV4 4DS, England

West Midlands, England

Congratulations on your pregnancy! My name is Jenny Mison and I am both a registered midwife and KGHypnobirthing Teacher based in the Midlands and surrounding areas. I regularly travel across the UK, providing private classes to couples in London and other areas. My passion is to improve birthing experiences for women and their partners and I believe that Hypnobirthing is key, having witnessed firsthand what a powerful tool it can be. Please take the time to visit my website where you can find lots of information about me and the sessions that I offer as well as useful links to relevant research and information. If you have any questions or requests please contact me and I will endeavor to assist you wherever possible. 

Best Wishes,



Throughout my midwifery training, I was amazed and encouraged by the remarkable women I met and cared for, reinforcing my passion to improve birth experiences for all women. When I first cared for a woman who was utilising Hypnobirthing techniques, I was astounded by her confidence in her body, her baby and her birth and witnessed firsthand what a positive impact this had. I am a firm believer in KG Hypnobirthing, having seen it’s huge success in a multitude of scenarios and my aim is to assist couples, making their pregnancy journey and experience as calm and positive as possible. I completed my dissertation on the use of hypnosis as a complementary therapy and I was amazed by the quantity of positive research. I was then fortunate enough to win the Iolanthe Midwifery Trust Student Award which funded my Hypnobirthing training. I teach Hypnobirthing alongside my career as a midwife which gives me a full insight into the advantages of Hypnobirthing throughout the birthing journey.

“Jenny’s prescence provided an on-going feeling of reassurance, support and professional care throughout my pregnancy, labour and early days of my baby. Jenny was absolutely professional as well as acting as a thoughtful and caring ‘friend’ throughout. There were several instances where Jenny provided all the necessary information e.g. when I found out my labour needed to be induced, my options for controlling the birthing environment, but never tried to force me into a decision, rather encouraged me to advocate for myself and know all my options.

We had originally planned a homebirth but unfortunately, due to complications, this wasn’t possible. Jenny’s support throughout this worrying time was considerable and she provided great reassurance, showing herself to be a wonderfully empathetic individual. Jenny went above and beyond her call of duty”

“I truly feel like myself and my family have been cared for!”
The support from Jenny made what would have been a very negative experience, actually a very positive experience” 

I offer a range of sessions to meet your individual requirements and I am happy to adapt the classes as required. 
I run regular private classes which take place in the comfort of your own home and can offer these as evening or weekend sessions. 

Finally I can run refresher courses if required both for the end of the pregnancy or for parents who have completed Hypnobirthing in previous pregnancies. Full details can be found on my website.