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Heidi Sanders – Baba & Belly

Welcome to Baba & Belly Hypnobirthing! We have an enormous passion to nurture and support women and their beautiful baby bellies during probably the most challenging yet wonderful experiences of their lives. We absolutely love everything connected to pregnancy and birth, and get that same love protecting, nurturing, guiding and creating a safe space for couples to navigate through what can be quite an anxious time for some.

I am Heidi, the founder of Baba & Belly, and have spent many years as an holistic therapist and health coach, with a specialism in fertility, antenatal, birth and postnatal care. I support couples in gently guiding them in preparing for the birth of their baby, of which hypnobirthing plays a very important part of this journey. Working together with women and couples to support a physiological birth. Beautiful!


I have two beautiful monkeys of my own (both of the girlie kind), and both of my births were very different. The latter was how I imagined birth should be, and was the birth which was totally instinctive, totally intuitive, and yes, using elements of hypnobirthing.

As an holistic therapist, I felt a need to completely support women during pregnancy and birth, as I felt it such an important message and awareness to share, based on my own experiences and since then, very much in my work with the women I support.

I work inclusively connecting with intuition and care, ensuring a safe, nurturing and protected environment for mummy and baby.