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Emma Wise – Solis Yoga and Hypnobirthing

23 Dilston Road , LEATHERHEAD, Surrey KT22 7NY, England

Hello, I am Emma and I am a qualified yoga pre and post natal teacher. I first discovered hypnobirthing through my pregnancy teacher training and used it throughout my second pregnancy and couldn’t believe the difference. Using hypno birthing techniques, I felt empowered and had a completely spontaneous, natural Birth, free from any sort of medical intervention and it was one of the finest and most incredible moments of my life.

I knew that hypno birthing training through KGH would be in my future and as soon as the opportunity arose I grabbed it with both hands.

I am so passionate in sharing this incredible knowledge with other pregnant couples. KGH simple and incredibly highly effective! Empowering people to empower themselves is what I live for!



I am a yoga teacher, a hypnobirthing teacher and a mother of two children, two dogs and a cat, I live in leafy Surrey.

My joy in life comes from nurturing and empowering others!


Courses will be held from January 2024 online and in person. Please get in touch for dates.

Private classes are also held from the comfort of your own home.

Classes will be held in Leatherhead and the surrounding areas in Surrey.