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Juliette O’Grady – Everything Hypnobirthing

I offer courses throughout Warwickshire and the West Midlands which can be adapted to meet individual needs.  These include both  the full course and refresher courses.


Hi I’m Juliette and in addition to being a KGHypnobirthing teacher I’m also a Primary school teacher.  I’ve experienced parenthood as both a teenage mum and as an older mum (40+) covering both ends of the spectrum so to speak!  I’ve also considerable experience of the IVF process and how that impacts on the approach to the whole pregnancy, labour and birth journey.

I look forward to meeting and working with you and your family which may be as a couple, or as a single parent -to -be, or with a friend’s or parent’s support.

Whatever your family set up hypnobirthing can work for you.

“Although my labour was long I used the audios and the breathing to help me stay calm and in the zone.” – First time mum

“I can’t believe how naive we were!  We know now the right questions to ask and how to get information.”  First time dad

“Juliette, can you come with us to the hospital?!” Dad

Courses are offered 1:1 in your home or over Zoom due to current COVID restrictions.

The full course runs for approximately 10/12 hours and includes:

  • KG Hypnobirthing Book
  • Parent Handbook
  • Access to the KGH audio tracks
  • Bespoke checklist to enhance birth partner confidence

The course is usually organised into 4 sessions but can be adapted to your needs.