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Fiona Carr – Hypnobirthing with Fi

A friendly, relaxed and practical course designed to help you prepare for the birth of your baby and beyond.

I believe that hypnobirthing can benefit everyone no matter what you believe or what your birth plan is. The course I offer is not only practical but also realistic; it is not just a case of ‘positive thinking = positive birth’. The course I teach is firmly rooted in science and loved by medical professionals for its clinical effectiveness. 

My courses are relaxed, friendly, evidence based and most importantly designed to teach you how you can cope with birth, regardless of what it will look like for you. 


I first discovered Hypnobirthing in back in 2020 when I was pregnant with my first child. I’d previously been terrified of birth, and as someone who tends to over-research everything I do, I started looking into all the different ways I could prepare myself.

After spotting a leaflet for Hypnobirthing in the local library, I signed myself and my (reluctant) husband up to a course. My husband had previously only ever seen birth in films and was convinced it would consist of lots panic, urgency and screaming.

The course totally changed our mindset and opened our eyes to a whole different approach to birth. It was the absolute best thing we did to prepare for the arrival of our daughter.

Since then I discovered a new passion to help other parents achieve the birth they want through knowledge and empowerment and am KG Hypnibirthing accredited.

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