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Emily Dixon – Blossom in Birth

Peregrine court, Calne, Wiltshire Sn11 9ry, England

At Blossom in Birth, I offer both group or one-to-one KGHypnobirthing courses to expectant parents in Wiltshire (Calne, Chippenham, Royal Wootton Bassett and surrounding areas). The KGHypnobirthing course is a full antenatal course, designed to work with you to give you a variety of tools to use in labour to achieve a calm and confident birth. The courses are known to have a wonderful effect on birth, with a large proportion of KGHypnobirths being shorter, with less need for interventions and pain relief.


Since I was a young girl, I knew having children was always a key part of my future, however (in the spirit of honesty), giving birth absolutely, unequivocally terrified me!  I had watched women in labour in TV dramas, and One Born Every Minute became a regular binge watch for me when it started! (A very bad move for a woman already petrified of giving birth …)

Naturally, from the moment we knew we were expecting our little bundle of joy, my mind shot to instant panic, worry and uncertainty about what was to come.

This was until I came across KGHypnobirthing! On researching, I learnt that this was a method fast becoming very popular with women in various areas of the world and celebrities. 

I took a 1-2-1 KGHypnobirthing course, learnt the techniques and practiced throughout my pregnancy, and I have never looked back! After an incredible birth experience that I never imagined possible for me, having always suffered terribly with anxiety, I have qualified as a KGHypnobirthing teacher in order to help other women to release their own fears and embrace the wonderful physiology of birth.

“I’m so glad I did Hypnobirthing! I did the course quite late in my pregnancy but am so glad I did, it definitely made the last few weeks of my pregnancy leading up to the birth of my baby more relaxed and reduced my fears and anxieties around birth. I really looked forward each week to the session with Emily and learning about the process of labour really got rid of my fears and anxieties. After each session I felt my confidence build. I loved the relaxation techniques that you are taught and always felt so calm, peaceful and uplifted. I really started to look forward to my birth! Emily was so supportive, kind and caring. She is so positive, calm and passionate it is impossible to not feel the same! Thank you so much Emily!” “I had the most amazing birth ever, I had a completely natural, water birth with no pain relief. Mind over matter, I went into labour so positive and calmly, and that was down to you” “The experience was nothing like I could have imagined, it was incredible and I am so proud of my body. From waters breaking to baby being here was less than 4.5 hours and I am sure this was down to my Hypnobirthing practice” “The midwives said it was a perfect unbelievably calm birth, and for a first time Mum was incredible”

At Blossom in Birth, I offer Group Courses (up to 4 couples per course)  run over 4 consecutive Saturdays. 

In addition to this, I offer one-to-one courses in the comfort of your own home. This course is run over 4 evenings or weekends (over 4 consecutive 3 hour sessions or 2 full days) .

If it is difficult to pin down exact times / dates for a face-to-face course, why not look at our online course, designed to allow you to learn at your own pace and in your own time.

All course fees include a copy of ‘The Hypnobirthing Book’ and ‘Colour and Calmness’ MP3 or CD for practice at home, in addition to course notes and practise scripts/visualisations for you and your partner.