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Sandra Stones – East Yorkshire Hypnobirthing

39 Southwood Road Cottingham, Hull, Yorkshire East HU16 5AJ, England

Hello, My name is Sandra Stones and I run an established hypnotherapy practice in the village of Cottingham in East Yorkshire. Although I work with a wide variety of issues using hypnotherapy and EFT, my real passion is in the field of fertility, birthing and newborn support. I have been teaching Hypnobirthing classes for over ten years now and have a wealth of knowledge and experience both with straight forward pregnancies and those that may be more challenging. My aim is to teach mums how to have a safe, satisfying birth for both herself and her baby and to experience the joy of a calm, comfortable birth that she won’t want to forget. I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, fully supported by and registered with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. I am a qualified in BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm and a trained breast feeding peer support worker. I am also registered with the NHS as a Complementary Practitioner


Hi, my name is Sandra, I have been teaching Hypnobirthing for over ten years now and I love helping couples to achieve the birth they want for themselves and their baby. I have two daughters and two granchildren and I’m Auntie Sandra to hundreds of Hypnobirthing babies. I adore baby cuddles and hearing birthing stories and I’m always happy to put the kettle on :)

Debbie & Carles After visiting my midwife and saying that the actual act of giving birth was ‘freaking me out’ she recommended Hypnobirthing. Soon after I contacted Sandra and it was the best thing I could have done. The course has been superb! It’s held at Sandra’s home and in small groups so the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Sandra covered everything that had created a concern for me, from how the body works and what needs to happen to make the birth as easy as possible, to relaxation techniques and creating anchors to help. She covered all stages of pregnancy and how to breath throughout each stage. You go with your partner and both of you learn how to support one another and how your partner can be there for you and help relax you. I came away understanding that the same woman could have 2 completely different births and it all depends on the woman. Without all the knowledge gained in this course I could have been one of those women who struggle and feel immense pain, but, knowing what I now know, I feel confident, I have a detailed birth plan, plus a B and C birth plan, and from thinking I would need pain relief I do not want anything. I have all the tools I need to prepare as much as possible and I am feeling confident about the day I get to meet our baby. Sandra genuinely cares and understands people, she ensures all questions are answered and brings up topics that my mind had not even thought of giving me even more confidence. I would recommend this course to all pregnant women, its money well spent!! Laura and Alex I was looking online at water births when I came across HypnoBirths and the more I looked into it the more I knew I wanted a HypnoBirth they all looked so calm and beautiful. I then contacted Sandra and booked a place on the course. Before the course I wanted a hospital birth and thought people who had home births without pain relief where mad but after the course my outlook on birth changed, I was determined to have a home birth no matter what because I trusted my body and I knew I didn’t need drugs to help me give birth because it was such a natural thing. I did get my home birth and it was the best experience of my life. Sandra was so lovely and friendly and answered all my questions. Even after the course she stays in touch so if you need help with anything she is always there and her biscuits where yum. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone better than any antenatal class. Sarah July 2018 I first met Sandra in 2017 when I wanted to try hypnotherapy for flying. The relaxation techniques she taught me alongside using music and a scent worked amazingly and I went onto have the best flight I’d had in many years! I knew from this, that I would love to use hypnobirthing for my second baby. We attended the course privately as I felt this would give me the best opportunity to relax and ask the questions I wanted to based on my previous birth experience. It felt very personal and gave me a lot of knowledge in preparation for the birth particularly around feeding and giving birth unassisted. My first was a forceps delivery and I was very keen to avoid it second time round! Sandra gave examples of birth plans and we discussed this during the sessions but she also looked over a draft. It was useful to look at the different stages and discussion was held around what was necessary but also what I could have a choice over. When I went into labour the techniques I had been taught were invaluable in keeping me calm, relaxed and empowered. Due to medical reasons, I was admitted fairly early and unable to have a water birth. Sandra had taught us to ask questions, take time to make decisions and what to do when things didn’t quite go to plan – our daughter certainly had different ideas to us! I can only describe the birth as euphoric and empowering. I felt amazing and so proud. It wasn’t the birth I had in mind however it was the best I could have had! That was down to hypnobirthing. It gave me the energy and determination I needed to start breastfeeding which was something I had struggled so much with the first time. We’re still feeding 9 months later with no sign of stopping. I would thoroughly recommend hypnobirthing and Sandra. It truly gave me the birth I wanted. Sarah For more testimonials & birth stories visit

East Yorkshire Hypnobirthing runs classes throughout the year. The most popular option is 5 x 2hour sessions, usually 6.30-8.30. This way of learning offers just enough information to take in and the time to practise before the next session. However, I do offer one to one sessions or group sessions over a shorter time frame if needed i.e weekends. The cost of the course covers all learning materials, handouts, on going support up to and beyond birth, refreshments and an end of course goodie bag