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Magdalena Finn – Power in Birth®

15 Queen Square, Leeds, Yorkshire North LS2 8AJ, England

Yorkshire West, England


Congratualations on your pregnancy! I’m Magdalena, a KGH hypnobirthing teacher, the founder of Power in Birth®, and a mum of a terrific toddler.

If you would like to prepare for:

  • a confident,
  • self-empowered,
  • and a comfortable birth experience,

I invite you to have a look at my courses. Start your journey to a best birth experience for you and get in touch. 

N.B. All my courses are online or in person, in a relaxed atmosphere and on your own terms (you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, of course).


Hi, my name’s Magdalena and I’m a pregnancy and birth guide, and a KGH hypnobirthing teacher.

Inspired by my own pregnancy and an intense, joyful and amazing birth of my son, I retrained extensively as an antenatal care and a hypnobirthing teacher. I am super passionate about all things birth, and, of course, I think everyone deserves an amazing birth experience.

Pregnancy and birth are life-changing, transformational events. My mission is to guide you through this journey, so that you’ve got a best chance to experience birth at the peak of your personal power, confident and relaxed. You’re entering parenthood with a set of skills that will help you navigate through it, with increased comfort, when you most need it.

Join me on your journey to a more comfortable birth at

  • The course changed my perception of birth. I think I would have been a ball of panic without the learning that Magdalena offered, breathing techniques, pain relief technique and how to prepare. It informed me of my pregnancy and birth rights, and  there was lots of tips about the benefits to the baby, for example, waiting to have the optimal cord clamping. My daughter arrived shortly after getting to hospital and without any interventions. Lili

  • We’ve learnt so much more than in NCT classes! I enjoyed all our sessions and just how much it prepared me and reassured my wife. The preparation was 100% worth it.  I learned specifically where I could support, and how to keep mum calm. Also knowing the birthing plan and having the confidence to challenge any decision deviating from the plan/ bursting mums bubble during labour was really good and of course we had a positive birth experience. Rudi

  • Online, in person, group and private courses for women, parents, and birth partners who want a confident, self-empowered and comfortable birth

  • All my courses are complete antenatal and hypnobirthing preparation, packed with practical skills and hypnobirthing techniques to equip you, as much as possible, for the birth you want and deserve

  • To thoroughly prepare you, I offer you tools to deal with changing circumstances during and after pregnancy and birth

  • Please visit my website to find out more and book a course.