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Isabel de la Corte Molina –

Pakkamestarinkatu 2D 54, helsinki, Finland 00520, Europe

Ever since I became a midwife, I was amazed by the effect of Hypnobirth had on the birth outcomes. I specially observed how women managed to labour and birth in a very relax and calm enviroment just as they planed and wished not only at home, but in the birthing centres and even within the operation theatre. I realised that by learning and teaching Hypnobirth alongside with being a midwife I could further contribute and prepare women to be prepared to their best to birth and become a mother, to plan and hopefully achieve within their habilities the best birth possible.

Hypnobirth, helps in addition for partners or birth attendant to support their loved one to their best, and make them both to feel ready to this special moment in their lives.

Hypnobirth in addition, helps women and couples to overcome understand the process of birth and reduce their fears or anxieties  of the “unknown” if neccessary.

In addition, it prepares  also for the postpartum period, including breastfeeding preparation and tips and care of the newborn.


I have been a  midwife and nurse for several years. I have trained as a midwife in the UK, where i realised the importance of empowering women during the pregnancy and birth and the importance of provide with soound knowledge and skills in order to plan and achieve their wished birth.  I have experience  working in different birth enviroments, countries and with women and couples from different backgrounds which has enriched me with even further knowledge.

I have prepared couples for birth at home, at work and online, however i feel and strongly believe that their own home is the best as are more relaxed.

For more information feel free to contact me by email or phone. If you want to contact by whatsapp please use the UK number.

Hoping to hear from you and support you with good preparetion for the birth of your child and mother/parenthood.

Hypnobirth course that I provide could be in small group or one to one to become a tailor made to women or couples needs, not only about the content but the schedule of the clases. Course could be arrange between 2, 3 or 4 days around 12h.

Minimun price is 400+ vat. if bigger group I can offer some discount.

Hypnobirth course is usually in english language, however it could be adapted to Spanish and some portuguesse.