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Mary Kalau – The Birth Retreat

Since 1997, I’ve been attending births as a labor support doula in numerous hospitals, birth centers and homes in New York City, Sweden and throughout Switzerland. I believe that when mind, body and soul are in harmony, birth can be calm, peaceful and pleasurable! I have found that magic happens when combining the Spinning Babies® approach that brings balance to the birthing person’s body with the KG Hypnobirthing techniques that quiet her mind, center her soul and bring serenity to her very core. I’ve created a space where you can not only be empowered to define a birth journey that is right for you, but to do so as you connect deeply with yourself, your partner and with others in a similar transitional chapter in their lives. I offer in-person group, one-on-one, as well as online classes. Word has it that my witty sense of humor makes preparing for birth more fun that you can possibly imagine!