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Eleonora Micozzi –

Eleonora Micozzi is a KGhypnotherpy Teacher, a registered Osteopath and Holistic Therapist, also specialised in treating pregnant women and babies. She is a highly skilled professional who can provide the best care possible for both mother and baby, her Hypnotherapy Antenatal courses are thoroughfully designed for any mother and couple who want to have the best labour and birth possible.


I’ve always looked for the most natural approaches to life, from food to any kind of treatments and products.As an Osteopath and Holistic Therapist, I could repeatedlyverified the great power of the body, mind and nature and how they perfectly work together when in harmony. During my pregnancy, my maternal instinct also guided me to look for the most natural approach to pregnancy, labour and my baby’s birth. I’ve always believed in the miracle of life and how special is pregnancy from conception to birth. As the woman body is absolutely capable of growing a baby, it is equally capable to give birth because it is designed to do it.

I found out that Hypnobirthing could confirm my theories, I started to read books about it and then my partner and I have decided to attend a Hypnobirthing antenatal course. I believe that Hypnobithing chose me, my natural way of feeling and living life put me on this wonderful path where I found the best approach to the greatest experience in a woman’s life. I loved any moment of the course, from the classes to the daily practices. I increasingly felt more confident about me, my pregnancy and the birth of my baby and I was sure that everything was going to be ok, that I would have the best birth for me and my baby. It was indeed the best empowering experience ever, it was swift and easy, a magical event for my baby, my partner and I. 

Even before giving birth to my baby, I had decided that I wanted to transmit this knowledge to any woman who wanted the best natural labour and birth. I’ve trained directly with Kathatrine Graves, the founder of KGHypnobirthing, which was a great honour for me and a wonderful opportunity to deepen the Hypnobirthing concepts and anything else related to pregnancy and birth. My previous knowledge about the body, my specialisation as Osteopath in treating pregnant women and newborns, my holistic and natural approach to health, my training as a KGHypnobirthing teacher are essential tools in guiding mothers and couples in achieving the best care and the best labour and birth possible. ​

My studies:

  • KGHypnobirting Training Course

  • Infant Massage

  • Baby and toddler yoga​

  • Taping Course

  • “Sense-motor rehabilitation according to Delacato methodology of neurological organisation” Master Course

  • “Present Motion and Stillness” Master Course

  • “Biodynamic Embryology” Postgraduate course

  • D.O. Diploma of Osteopathy. Graduated with Highest Honours – A.I.O.T. – Pescara (Italy) – with 2 years experience at Neonatology and Neonatal Pathology warns Civile Santo Spirito Hospital

  • Reiki – Level 1 and 2

  • “Ayurvedic Crystal Therapy” Certificate

  • Shiatsu – Level 1