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Sarka Chapman – Sarka Chapman Hypnobirthing

Goraszewska, Warsaw, Poland 02-910, Europe

Both our daughters were born in Poland, one in birth centre and the second one at home. And both experiences have changed my view on giving birth. 

I believe that a woman is designed to give a birth. Without suffering and without a pain. Unfortunately births have been massively moved to a hospital and a woman treated as a patient. But there is no need for all of that.  

My experience tells me that many women lack the confidence that they can deliver their baby. Quite often they are scared by the terrible stories that they have heard, complications they might come and pain they are expecting. 

​And I would like to change this view and encourage women to experience birth as a beautiful and transforming moment.

Group courses will start in September 2018, individual courses are available from May 2018.