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Victoria Adams –

Hello! I’m excited to meet you, whether it’s online or in person. I began my KG Hypnobirthing journey when I fell pregnant and, after much self-study and such in-depth training with KG, it is my mission to share this with as many of you who wish to benefit from this knowledge. In addition to learning more about yourself, your body, and the various approaches to birth, KGHypnobirthing creates a space within which you can get clear on your ideal birth and beyond, as well as transformative coping strategies that have formed the countless number of positive birthing stories from women around the world. I look forward to sharing with you all that I know, and hearing more about you as you embark on such an important stage of your life.


My background is Finance/Commodities, so I understand stress very well! I have also been teaching Yoga, Meditation, Perinatal/Postnatal Yoga and Nutrition whilst running retreats in Portugal, Turkey, India and Spain. I help people find balance between the “unavoidable” stressors strains of everyday life and their happy place, whether it’s working towards fitness, diet, or birth plan goals. Every body is different, and I have worked with people from many walks of life. My KG Hypnobirthing journey began when I was pregnant with my baby, and I hope to share all the benefits I reaped from my studies with you as you embark on yours.

Birthlight Baby Yoga + Baby Massage (pre-mobile + mobile babies)

Birthlight Perinatal Yoga

Birthlight Postnatal Yoga

Birthlight Toddler Yoga

Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (IIN)