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Alexandra Manson – Hypnobirthing Bootcamp

Simrishamsvägen 14, Stockholm, Sweden 121 53, Europe

I firmly believe that giving birth can and should be an empowering experience. Hypnobirthing is designed as a complete prenatal course designed to help you achieve the best possible birth for you and your baby. KGHypnobirthing gives you the tools to take proactive steps during your pregnancy to ensure you achieve the best possible birth for your baby. Together we can work towards the birth you want to achieve, in a safe, judgement-free environment tailored to meet your individual prenatal needs.


I trained as a KGHypnobirthing teacher after using hypnobirthing to have my daughter in 2016. Our experience was very positive and the birth of our daughter was extremely empowering for me. I am originally trained as an architect and lighting designer but after my birth experience, I have finally found my passion and I am excited and enthusiastic to help families achieve the right birth for them. I am a native English speaker and am fluent in Swedish. Located in Stockholm but ready to teach online wherever you are! 

Currently accepting group and private sessions based on your needs!