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Frida Detter – Hypnobaby Sweden

Tynvägen 7, Stockholm, Sweden 18268, Europe

My job is my mission in life, because I know that all women can radiate confidence, eliminate fears and experience empowerment through their pregnancy and birth.

Hypnobaby was founded 2016 to help all women and their birth partners create a positive birth experience through parent group courses online and live as well as Teacher Training courses for those those who wish to become certified KGH Hypnobirthing instructors.
Hypnobaby was one of the first to teach the method in Sweden, before it had become as known as it is today.



After 20 years in London i moved to Stockholm with my husband in 2013 where we live currently together with our three boys Odin (2013), Ibsen (2015), Monti (2017). When I was pregnant with my first in London I was nervous and worried about my birth, potential complications and uncontrollable pain. It wasn’t until a colleague of mine recommended me to look up Hypnobirthing when me and my husband felt a sense of hope that there could be an alternative to way to avoid the pain. And after attending the course, we actually looked forward to the birth! I’ve birthed all three boys calm and naturally with this method and have never had the need to use pain relief nor stitches. All boy’s heartbeats remained completely calm throughout the birth process. My husband felt he had a clear role throughout the process being responsible for all logistics, my comfort and liaising with the staff. We decided to birth our third boy at home, which was the most magical experience I’ve ever had. By 2015 I realised that the method was unknown in Sweden, I felt an urge to spread the word to every woman who would like a calm and positive birth experience.

Hypnobaby was then founded by Frida Detter and runs group classes each month live in Stockholm and online in the Nordics and Europe. I’m teaching parents to be as well as Teacher Training courses for new KGHypnobirthing instructors.

“Thank you for the confidence I got from your course. Am so happy that I dared to birth at home even though it was my first birth!”

Andrea Christensen, Home birth, Nacka.
Hypnobaby: Celine

“I am so grateful for your help, it was 100% Hypnobirthing that gave us such a positive experience!”

Pernille Dahl, Stockholm.
Hypnobaby: Theodor

“I had great use of the breathing during the whole birth and this was something the midwives picked up on and impressed them. I’m so happy to have taken your course!”

Jonna Dagliden Hunt, Mama tidningen
Hypnobaby: Leon

“I am so grateful that I gained the confidence to believe in myself and my body. Thank you for a great course! Was so helpful.”

Loo Thoren, Simrishamn
Hypnobaby: Laleh

“Looking back at my experience I have to admit that Hypnobirthing really was worth it. It really got me and my partner in the right mode.”

Klara Svensson, ‘Trettio plus trevar podden’
Hypnobaby: Sam

“I was never frightened or feeling like I didn’t want to, which I believe helped speeding up the process. This was all thanks to your course.”

Evelina Lundmarck, Stockholm
Hypnobaby: Vide

“Overall I think the course gave me strength mentally. I felt strong even though I had been ill 1 month leading up to the birth. So happy with the course!”

Karin Sjunnesson, Stockholm

Our 10 hours group courses are help in Swedish and English in Stockholm and via online.

From 2024 Hypnobaby is collaborating with Babygruppen and Preglife for online courses across Sweden, Nordics and Europe.

Please visit our site for further information and course dates