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Hannah Preil – Hannah Louise Maternity Mentor

Welcome to Hannah Louise, your maternity mentor.

I’m an English speaking mum of three, maternity mentor, hypnobirthing coach, expat, passionate cook and supporter of parents and parents to be. 

I offer in person services in Zurich, and online services to those further afield.  

My mission is to help others avoid some of the cultural, practical, information and language pit falls you can face living abroad.

I understand that the journey from conception to postpartum is a unique and transformative experience and am here to support and guide you every step of the way, offering personalized care that honors your individual needs and desires.


My name is Hannah and as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by pregnancy and babies.

I am a Doula, mental health first aider, trained chef and Hypnobirthing coach.

As a hypnobirthing mum I have experienced first-hand the difference that this training makes and feel strongly that all women should have access to this knowledge.

I’m originally from the UK but have been living in Zurich for several years.  I am married to Sebastian and have three little ones, Otto, Felix & Alba.

I am committed to empowering women and their partners to have the best birth for them.

I found birth to be the most empowering experience of my life.

Prior to participating in the course with Hannah, I was terrified of getting an epidural. We touched upon it during our first meeting. I grew up with the horror story of an epidural gone wrong for my own mother during birth. Little did I know, when faced with two hard choices I would elect to have an epidural myself and feel good about it.

Hannah had helped empower my husband and I to make the choices that would enable us to have the best birthing experience possible, even if it diverted  from what we had imagined. We now had birth preferences instead of a birthing plan. We felt in control of the uncontrollability of childbirth.

Along with helping us work through our concerns pre birth, Hannah also upgraded our toolbox of tips and tricks. During the earlier stages of birth, we used the visualisation and meditation techniques learnt in the course. My husband guided my breathing through the active stages of labour as we visualised meeting our child.

Thanks Hannah for playing a part in the most memorable event of our lives!

Ruby & Simon, Zurich



Hannah’s help and support around the birth of our first baby earlier this year was invaluable. Not only did she prepare us for the birth itself, but she was a guiding light throughout the pregnancy and we have also relied on her more than we could have imagined since the birth.

From helping us with what to pack in our hospital bags and what to stock the nursery with, to questions on pregnancy nutrition and breastfeeding concerns, Hannah’s expertise on pregnancy, birth and motherhood knows no bounds. Combined with her passion for caring for others and personal success as a mother herself, she is perfectly placed to guide you through the most important journey of your life. Oh, and she gives a mean back and foot rub for the latter days of your pregnancy!

Tessa & Tom, London



Quite simply – We could not have had the positive birth experience we had without Hannah and her hypnobirthing course! My husband, Andy, and I started the course knowing very little about hypnobirthing – but from the first session, Hannah put us at easy and asked us about our worries which we then discussed in detail. Andy and I had not discussed our worries or concerns with each other prior to this, and it gave us a safe space to have the conversation. Hannah’s expertise could reassure us immediately for all of our concerns and throughout the course she kept coming back to the points raised, and helped guide us to build coping strategies to turn our worries into positive thoughts – completely changing our mindset around pregnancy, pre-labour, labour and post labour.

Hannah helped us build strategies to help us keep calm during labour, as well as ways to trust what my body has been created to do. Throughout the third trimester and labour I utilised many of the methods Hannah taught us throughout our course. Our birth experience was so positive, we are already talking about when we can do it all again!

Tori & Andy,  Cambridge



Hannah was wonderful to speak to about all my concerns and hesitations leading up to birth and bringing the baby home. She had done a lot of research on my hospital before our call, and asked in advance what would be particularly helpful to discuss.

She was really knowledgeable and made me feel much more comfortable. She had some great tips, specifically around preparation for birth, breast feeding, and what to have ready when you get home with a baby!

I would highly recommend her to any expectant mothers and will be staying in touch with her myself.

Isla, New York



As a second time mum, I really appreciated how Hannah made the hypnobirthing course tailored to our previous experience, while adding so much valuable background, techniques and advice.

With her caring and loving nature, she creates a safe space to express all the feelings and anxieties one can have as becoming parents. I feel so much more relaxed and confident about the birth thanks to her!

Nele & Hendrik,  Zürich



The complete KG Hypnobirthing course taught over 2 or 3 sessions

10 hours – 995 chf


Curious about Hypnobirting? this short course covers the basics

3 hours – 250 chf


Courses available in person in Zurich or online anywhere in the world.


I also offer a range of other services and products via my website