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Maude Favre – Cabinet d’Hypnose et KinĂ©siologie remboursĂ© ASCA-RME

Quai du Rhone 4, Geneva, Switzerland 1205, Europe

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Maude Favre a Swiss qualified life and motivational coach specialized in hypnosis and *kinesiology, based in Geneva.

Maude is a Certified Consulting Instructor and Hypnotist from the NGH in the USA, certified in academic medicine, graduated from the HypnoBirthing Center of London and a professional member of the HypnoBirthing Association, with a Bachelor in kinesiology complimentary therapist, OrTra TC, *reimbursed by ASCA and RME.

She has many years of experience and great success in her consultations in hypnosis to stop smoking, stop tabacco, weight loss, virtual gastric ring, binge eating, insomnia, self-confidence, stress management, burnout, depression, phobias, anxiety, addictions to alcohol, cocaine, hypnobirthing, hypnosis for fertility, conception, hypnosis for children, hypnosis for regressions, hypnosis online as efficient as in cabinet and many more (see list), are her areas of predilection.

She also works as a coach in motivation, in NLP, EMDR, ETF. She has been practicing hypnotherapy and kinesiology for many years with solid experience and great success in her consultations.

Testimonials from her sessions are available on her blog “”. You will be able to discover many feedbacks from sessions.

Maude has also created an Application for hypnosis, self-hypnosis available in the Apple Store under the name “Maude Favre Hypnosis” and for Android, on this website. Self-hypnosis audios allow you to continue your sessions at home. (* Self-hypnosis audios do not replace an in-office session, they are complementary.)

Her warm and welcoming hypnosis and kinesiology practice is located in the center of Geneva, near La Jonction. Easy to access on foot or by public transport (Tram 14: Paladium stop). 3 parkings are also nearby: (parking David Dufour, parking Finances, parking Gasometers).

Her attentive listening, her benevolence and common sense will accompany you throughout your sessions.


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Maude FAVRE est une hypnothérapeute qualifiée en hypnose et kinésiologie, de nationalité suisse et basée à Genève.

Maude est formatrice en hypnose et consultante de la NGH aux USA, certifiée en médecine académique, diplômée en hypnose prénatale du centre HypnoBirthing de Londres et membre également professionnel de l’HypnoBirthing Association, Bachelor en *kinésiologie, thérapeute complémentaire OrTra TC, *remboursée ASCA, RME.

Elle exerce aussi en tant que coach en motivation PNL, EMDR et EFT.

Elle pratique l’hypnothérapie et la kinésiologie depuis de nombreuses années avec une expérience solide et un grand succès dans ses consultations.

L’ hypnose pour arrêter de fumer, l’arrêt de tabac, la perte de poids, l’anneau gastrique virtuel, compulsion alimentaire, l’insomnie, le stress, la confiance en soi, les phobies, les crises d’angoisse ou d’anxiété, la dépression, les dépendances à l’alcool, la cocaïne, l’hypnose de fertilité, conception, l’hypnose prénatale, l’hypnose pour enfants, l’hypnose de régression, l’hypnose en ligne toute aussi efficace qu’en cabinet et bien d’autres (voir liste), sont ses domaines de prédilection. Des témoignages de ses séances sont disponibles sur son blog «« . Vous pourrez y découvrir de nombreux retours de séances, dans divers domaines de pratique.

Maude a également créé une Application d’hypnose, d’auto hypnose. Celle-ci est disponible dans Apple Store sous le nom de « Maude Favre Hypnose » ou sur ce site pour Android. Ses audios d’auto hypnose permettent de continuer les séances chez soi ou de simplement pratiquer de l’auto hypnose. (*les audios d’auto hypnose ne remplacent pas une séance en cabinet, elles sont complémentaires.) 

Son cabinet d’hypnose et de kinésiologie, chaleureux et accueillant, se trouve dans le centre de Genève, vers la Jonction. Facile d’accès à pieds ou avec les transports public (Tram 14 : arrêt Paladium). 3 parkings sont également à proximité: (parking David Dufour, parking des Finances, parking des Gazomètres).

Son écoute attentive, sa bienveillance et son bon sens vous accompagneront tout au long de vos séances.


My name is Maude Favre. I have fallowed Katharine Graves courses in order to help women through the processes of their pregnancy so they can have a magical experience the day they give birth.

I am a qualified hypnotherapist in Geneva, Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Instructor of the National Guild of Hypnotists USA

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that anyone can use, either for hypnobirthing, emotional, physical, or psycological issues.

My office is located in the center of Geneva, easy to access with public transportation, tram 14 Bernex – Onex (Paladium stop)

“I managed to get myself in such a relaxed state that I could nearly sleep in between surges. The breathing techniques were a life saver, and I used this the whole time.

Michael helped me throughout with the breathing and relaxation, so I highly recommend partners to be totally involved.

Thanks for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without HypnoBirthing.”


“I wanted to thank you in helping to transform an experience I was approaching with great trepidation into something beautiful and empowering.

You may remember that this is our second baby and I tore badly the first time. The medical advice was to have a c-section to avoid potentially long term consequences of tearing again.

The whole experience has been so positive and so amazing. And we cannot overstate the effect your course had in guiding us to the right approach to deal with our concerns, rather than choosing an unnecessary c-section, or making the same mistakes again.

Thank you again – the course really made all of the difference in the end, much more than we had expected when we signed up.”

Frances and Munir