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Miroslava Athanasi – Calm Birth and Baby

Route de Pré-Marais 41 Bernex, Geneva, Switzerland 1233, Europe

Calm Birth&Baby provides KG Hypnobirthing courses in Geneva and surrounding areas. Group or private classes are in English language. Full detailes about my upcoming courses can be found on my website Please either call or message me. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


My name is Miroslava Athanasi and I have completed my KG Hypnobirthing training with Katharine Graves in London in order to become a certified KG Hypnobirthing teacher. I am a registered midwife in the UK, and I have recently moved to Geneva. I have qualified as a midwife in 2010, became International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2015 and recently done a baby massage therapist course. I have two children, age 16 and 13, and I really wish I had known about hypnobirhing 16 years ago. I love teaching, sharing my knowledge, experience, and expertise. I love helping families and wish for their journey through pregnancy and birth to be the best experience as it possibly can be.

“A fantastic and very beneficial course that gave me and my husband very useful information and reassurance that no one else did. Mirka has been amazing and very thorough. I have practiced and used all the techniques Mirka had taught me and the birth of our daughter was magical, I would definitely do it again, thank you!” Monica Rogers

KG Hypnobirthing courses are taught one-to-one or in small groups in Geneva, Bernex. Please involve your partner and bring him along. The whole course is made up of 4 sessions, 3 hours each. For further information on upcoming courses, please go to my website