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Vilte Sabaite – The Holistic Wellness Centre


I’m Viltė. I’m your new wellness bestie. My mission is to help everyone get holistic care & always be informed. My goal is to help you understand the power of being informed and in charge of your life and wellbeing.

I’m a mama to an angel girl (who left us what felt like way to early) and our rainbow girl. I studied Sport & Exercise Science in London, UK. In 2023, I got my diploma to teach hypnobirthing from KGHypnobirthing & attended a course with Michel Odent & Liliana Lammers (Paramana Doula).

I got into the birthing world quite unexpectedly due to the care I received from an amazing midwife back in London. She was the person I could contact 24/7 and she would get back to me whenever she could. She has been the most amazing supporter & guide. Now I want to give back to the world sharing the knowledge that I have gained throughout my bereavement, pregnancy & postpartum.

All offered packages are a full birth preparation course including the physiology of birth & the techniques of hypnobirthing, what to expect when you have your baby as well as the choices available to you coupled with how your birth partner can support you on the day & relaxations during each session.

As part of the package you will also receive 5 audios, booklet of course notes & affirmations, access to amazing experts, my favourite birth book, and ongoing support from me until you’re holding your baby.

I offer in-person (country dependant) & online courses that can be either 1:1 or group.