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Lisa Thompson – Women Are Amazing

Ynysddu , Newport, Gwent NP11 7JS, United Kingdom

A Registered Midwife, IBCLC & Certified Women’s Coach passionate about women-centred, holistic care and proud to support families on their journey through pregnancy, birth and the early days with their new baby.

I love KGHypnobirthing for the calm confidence that families can achieve.

In addition to KGHypnobirthing courses I offer antenatal discussions & post natal support in your own home.  I am also an IBCLC so can help with infant feeding challenges.

In person services are available in the South Wales and North Somerset areas but many, including teaching KGH, an be done via Zoom.


I’m a Registered Midwife and have worked in all areas of the maternity services.  I am passionate about supporting women’s choices and helping them to achieve the birth that’s right for them. 

I love teaching and feel enormous gratitude that I am able to witness the transformation that women and their families go through as they journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

In addition to teaching and training KGH I am also an Interntional Board Certified Lactation Consultant so I can support families postnatally however they are feeding their baby, and a Certified Women’s Coach helping women feel confident, powerful and excited by their journey through motherhood and beyond.

“Just to let you know that our son arrived naturally in a pool… an absolutely wonderful experience, needing only breathing for pain relief and gas & air for the second stage (I can’t even call it pushing stage, I didn’t feel I had to actively push)… Can’t thank you enough!  We talk about it every day.”  PL

“Having recently completed the KGHypnobirthing course with Lisa I would thoroughly recommend this course to all women. It is empowering; positive, encouraging and supportive. It helped me to release my fears, deal with inner issues regarding pregnancy and birth and use the KGHypnobirthing techniques to relax, stay positive and work through my problems. Having quite a stressful, unexpected twin pregnancy has been an enormous challenge but with Lisa’s incredible teaching through the techniques I have had the pleasure of learning deep relaxation and how breathing techniques can help to focus the mind away from negativity and create a calm, relaxed state. I now feel much happier in my pregnancy and feel well equipped with the tools needed to deal with everyday worries; I feel more prepared in terms of birth and am more aware of the support available to me and how my decisions can be facilitated. I am much more confident in being able to come forward and voice my opinion to others. Most of all, it has given me a deep sense of calm, the ability to go to a ‘safe place’ in times of need, and realise just how wonderful a woman’s body actually is! Lisa has been kind, patient and a huge support in this process. Her dedication, empathy and vast array of technical and communication skills have made the process a true delight. Thank you again Lisa and to women considering this course you will be absolutely delighted with how it will benefit you and your growing family.” KH

The full KGH course of 10-12 hours tuition over 2-4 sessions.  Includes ‘The Hypnobirthing Book’ by Katharine Graves, a folder of course materials and MP3 downloads of relaxations.

I mostly teach privately either in your own home or via Zoom – my clients value the 1:1 support and being able to tailor the course to their exact sitauation.  Either four short sessions, or two full days can be scheduled to suit and I continue to offer text / email support until the birth. 

Many clients also book postnatal support with me if needed and I have a very special ‘wrap-around’ programme that includes the full KGH course, support in pregnancy and postnatally plus an introduction to coaching.

I occasionally teach group KGH classes in Cardiff or Newport areas.

All fees are on my website.

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