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Natalie Snuggs – Stillworks

Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan CF61 1RE, United Kingdom

My name is Natalie and as well as being a mother and grandmother I am a qualified meditation and mindfulness teacher and KGHypnobirther, accredited through OFQAL and qualified with a Diploma (distinction) from the British School of Meditation and a Level 3 qualification from ASCENTIS in meditation teaching. As a secondary teacher and adult education teacher, I have been instructing children and adults for over 25 years in relaxation and meditation techniques and specialise in using the mind-body relationship to control pain, both short and long term. Having used this myself I believe passionately that birth can be a joyful and affirming experience and that through knowledge, understanding and preparation both parents can enjoy the gentle birth of their baby.


Originally trained as a counsellor, I worked with young people with addiction and later qualified as a secondary school teacher. During this time I also learned to meditate and soon began to pass on this skill to others; I have now been teaching meditation for almost thirty years. Having used a form of hypnobirthing for my second and third births, and to support my own daughter in the birth of her baby, I wanted to combine this knowledge with my knowledge of relaxation and mindfulness techniques to support pregnant women further.  I completed the KGHypnobirthing course to enable me to offer this specialist technique with the antenatal element which I believe so strongly is crucial to empowering women in taking control of their births.