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Anna Driver – Anna Driver Birth Services

Kia Ora! I qualified to teach KGH in the UK and later moved to Wellington.  I am the only KGH teacher in this wonderfully vibrant and windy capital city!  I have two children of my own, both of whom were hypnobabies and know first hand how these techniques can support birth, whatever path it takes.  If you want more information, check out my testimonials and website or contact me on the details above. I look forward to hearing from you.


Kia Ora!  My pronouns are she/her. I am originally from Southampton, England;  famous for the Titanic! (from where it set sail on the maiden voyage). I am the daughter of Rosie and David. I live with my spouse, our 2 little humans (who amaze and inspire me everyday) and a very bossy cat who adopted us. I am the little sister to two brothers, a niece, an auntie of 6, a cousin, and a friend. My wider family are all in the UK, and I luckily have some cuzzies in beautiful Waikato, too. I have been a qualified KGH teacher for 8 years and love offering this course to families of the Wellington region. I’d love you to join me on a course to help you prepare for the best birth for you!

Doula and KGK client – “Anna was wonderful – she is very confident and reassuring and knows what needs to be done. She was great help talking me through contractions and also supporting my husband. Anna also gave light touch massage throughout which was brilliant. Just what we needed. You can trust in her abilities to support you in birth and that is immediately apparent. Her hypno experience is fantastic”.

Sceptical Dad – “I was at first slightly reticent to use hypnobirthing as I thought it relied on being hypnotised.I spoke to Anna about my concerns and she put my mind at ease about its uses and how it could help Stacey and myself through the birthing experience. I thought that it was going to be all for the mother, with the father just around to support but I found that reciting the scripts and practising the visualisations helped me through the labour too. It’s pretty intense watching your partner so the weeks of practice helped me to stay focused and help Stacey through contractions. For any men who are doubtful of hypnobirthing, I would recommend it”

Second time parents – “Thank you Anna for my lovely hypnobirthing session! It was brilliant and it helped me towards having a very relaxed and stress-free labour! Was unsure if hypnobirthing would work as I was having my second child, but I can honestly say that it is amazing and I would advise every women to do it!”

Water Birth – “Working with Anna to understand how hypnobirthing could help my labour was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. Anna was extremely understanding of my fears and I felt I could explain myself without fear of judgement or condescension. She created a safe space to discuss difficult thoughts and clearly show hypnobirthing techniques to help. The written material she gave us was extremely thorough and very clear; we enjoyed getting our folder out every night before bed to practice our scripts together. I used these visualisations during early labour to calm and focus me.I had a natural birth in a birthing pool only using gas and air towards the end. I used all the hypnobirthing techniques through early labour and was feeling calm, relaxed and focused to let out the animal in me for established labour and pushing phase! Using the hypnobirthing techniques Anna taught us changed the last few weeks of pregnancy into a relaxed time, I just wish I had started earlier!”

Course 1 – Jan 15th and 22nd with 29th as back-up. SOLD OUT

Course 2 – March 12th, 19th, no back-up. REDUCED COURSE SIZE – NOW FULL

Course 3 – May 14th, 21st and 28th as back-up. SOLD OUT

Course 4 – June 25th, July 2nd and 9th as back up.OPEN FOR BOOKINGS

Course 5 – July 30th, Aug 6th and 13th as back up.

Course 6 – Sept 10th, 17th and 24th as back-up.

Course 7 – Nov 5th, 12th and 19th as back-up.

Course 8 – Dec 10th and Sunday 11th with 17th as back-up.