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Andrea Lawrie – Midwife & Hypnobirth Teacher

1 Berryhill Place, Newtonhill, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire AB393QZ, Scotland

Would you like to feel more calm, confident and positive during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond?

As well as learning deep relaxation, breathing, visualisation, and mindfulness techniques, Andrea offers a fully comprehensive, high-quality birth preparation course that empowers you to achieve a more positive birth experience, where you and your birth partner feel respected, knowledgeable and in control.

Hypnobirthing is about having freedom of choice and access to accurate, evidence-based information to help maximise your self-confidence and belief in your own instincts.  Attending classes and practicing hypnobirthing techniques can transform any doubts or fears you may have about birth into calm positivity.

Many women who hypnobirth say giving birth is the most empowering experience of their lives, no matter how the birth of their baby unfolds and go on to benefit from practicing the techniques to experience calm positivity in every day life.


Hello!  I’m Andrea – mum to 2 boys, Midwife, Hypnobirth Teacher and Holistic Practitioner.  I first started Hypnobirthing 20 years ago when I gave birth to my sons, and have been teaching and supporting women to Hypnobirth ever since.   After a free initial discovery call, I’ll tailor make a course especially for you, taking your individual needs and wishes into account.  Good quality, up to date antenatal education and evidence-based information is always included, alongside all the essential Hypnobirthing techniques you need.  I’m here to support you 100% of the way to ensure you feel fully prepared, relaxed, in control and ready for your baby’s birth.

“Andrea’s course was a life changing experience for myself and my partner. I found Andrea’s nature, knowledge and patience provided a steadfast base for absorbing and understanding the ins and outs of labour. The confidence I have gained from Andrea is priceless and I can’t believe how much more able and strong I feel in my body’s ability to grow and birth my baby. I would love for Andrea to be at the birth of our baby. I feel urged to share Andrea’s message that we as women have options and that our bodies need to be respected and kept safe.” Josie & Graham

“Andrea is a very knowledgeable and experienced Hypnobirth coach with the added expertise of being a very experienced midwife. She completely tailored the course to our needs and created a calm, relaxed atmosphere.” Nicola & Gary 

“Andrea put us at ease from the start and empowered us to take the decisions we wanted to take. Knowledge is power and this course combines that with the tools and skills of breathing, mindfulness and relaxation, which makes it really powerful. Andrea’s professional knowledge and friendly manner supports the course brilliantly. We came away feeling great and full of ideas and excitement. I had great confidence in my role as birth partner and was able to support Anna to have the best birth experience.” Anna & James 

‘You have been such a fantastic support and guidance for us, the Hypnobirthing has really helped.  We’re so glad we found you, we feel a lot more relaxed’ – Rosie and Ben

‘We both really enjoyed the course and learned more about our choices than we had been told.  The course is so much more than just Hypnobirthing. We feel a lot more relaxed now’ – Katy and Craig

‘Our son was born this morning with no chemical pain relief and we deeply thank you and Hypnobirthing for that’ – Juliette and Sebatian

“Thank you so much for helping us to make the right decisions and feel positive and confident going into this huge part of life. In particular your course made us feel like something we were undertaking as a couple and not just Marie-Claire on her own. We would recommend your course to anyone wanting to have the tools and knowledge to give birth in the way they want. Empowered and enriched, we felt ready for the birth of our baby.” Joe & Marie-Claire

“We would 100% recommend Andrea’s services! The level and quality of antenatal education was much higher than expected. We booked a block of 1:1 sessions at her beautiful home and were instantly put at ease. It has been one of the best decisions we have made. We were extremely happy with the course content and the overall experience and empowerment Andrea provides has allowed us to feel more confident and excited for what lies ahead. The Hypnobirthing techniques, as well as the knowledge we have gained, have been invaluable. We felt she got to know us as individuals & it was always a joy to visit her for our sessions. Thank you Andrea for all your support on our journey. The whole experience has been invaluable and we will definitely be recommending you to others.  Please be our midwife!” Laura & Paul

Four sessions at dates and times to suit you.

For more information or for a free discovery call, please feel free to drop me an email, phone or text.*protected email*