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Andrea Lawrie – Andrea Lawrie Hypnobirthing

1 Berryhill Place Newtonhill, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire AB39 3QZ, Scotland

Hypnobirthing is simple, logical and profound, and classes offer more than you might imagine. 

As well as learning deep relaxation, breathing, visualisation, and mindfulness techniques, Andrea offers a fully comprehensive, high-quality birth preparation course, accredited by The Royal College of Midwives, to empower you to achieve a more positive birth experience, where you and your birth partner feel respected, knowledgeable and in control.

Hypnobirthing is about having freedom of choice and access to accurate, evidence-based information to help strengthen your self-confidence and belief in your own instincts.  Attending classes and practicing hypnobirthing techniques can transform any doubts or fears you may have about birth into calm positivity.

Many women who practice hypnobirthing say giving birth is the most empowering experience of their lives, no matter how the birth of their baby unfolds and go on to benefit from practicing the techniques to experience calm positivity in every day life.


Hi, I’m Andrea – mum to 2 boys, experienced Midwife, KGHypnobirthing Teacher, and midwifery educator.  I believe women and families should have access to accurate, evidence-based information to enable you to make informed choices during pregnancy, child birth and parenthood.  I used hypnobirthing techniques for the births of both my sons – one born in hospital and the other at home and as a midwife I have supported many women during pregnancy, labour and birth, who have benefitted from Hypnobirthing.  I understand the myriad choices and often conflicting information women and families face and can support you to navigate through these choices and teach you KGHypnobirthing techniques to help you release any doubts or fears and achieve a positive, confident birth.


  B.Midwifery, RM, Dip.HB (KGH), FHEA

‘The Hypnobirthing course helped so much, I recommend it to every mum-to-be’ – Suzanne

‘You have been such a fantastic support and guidance for us, the Hypnobirthing has really helped.  We’re so glad we found you, we feel a lot more relaxed’ – Rosie and Ben

‘We both really enjoyed the course and learned more about our choices than we had been told.  The course is so much more than just Hypnobirthing. We feel a lot more relaxed now’ – Katy and Craig

‘Our son was born this morning with no chemical pain relief and we deeply thank you and Hypnobirthing for that’ – Juliette and Sebatian

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