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Penny Boylan (read more)
Location: Rickmansworth
Phone: 07958782060
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After having the most amazing and comfotable birth at home using hypnobirthing techniques I wanted to shout from the rooftops about the power of hypnobirthing! I promptly trained with KG Hypnobirthing and am now passionately spreading the word to families in and around Rickmansworth.

I will soon be starting a training course to become a breastfeeding support peer so that I can continue to help mothers after their babies are born

Donna Bull (read more)
Location: Beaconsfield
Phone: 07875 159769
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My name is Donna Bull and I teach KG HypnoBirthing, and pregnancy and postnatal yoga in Beaconsfield, Bucks and the surrounding areas. If you would like to book a HypnoBirthing course or find out more about HypnoBirthing, email or give me a call on 07875 159769.

Kirsty Higham (read more)
Location: Marlow and surrounding, High Wycombe, Beaconsfield
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Becky Griffin (read more)
Location: Leighton Buzzard
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My name is Becky. I'm a qualified Midwife and Health Visitor. I'm also the proud mother of my little boy. I had such an epic birth with him and I believe this is due to the knowledge and experience that my profession gave me. But not all women have that prior knowledge, which is why I think that KG Hypnobirthing is great! It provides parents to be with the Real information so that they can have a calmness during their pregnancy, Labour and the early days with baby.

I believe in empowering parents to be to have the best Birth possible for themselves. 

Steph McGee (read more)
Location: Oxford, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Berkshire
Phone: 07733103184
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I am a three time Hypnobirthing mummy, and Clinical Hypnotherapist based just outside the city of Oxford, but I go whereever my works takes me. I currently offer group courses in Oxford but regularly run private 1:1s in Witney, Thame, Banbury, Brackley, Brecon, Bicester, Wantage, Faringdon, High Wycombe and more. All postcodes are considered so do ask!

I have experience and training in several types of Hypnobirthing and have 3 very happy hypnobabies! As well as delivering the highly regarded KG Hypnobirthing course, I offer hypnotherapy for fertility, morning sickness, antenatal & postnatal services and have great success turning Breech babies with Hypnotherapy.

Before hypnotherapy, my years of scientific learning (biology & psychology) lead me to a long and rewarding career in the emergency services. I was able to support people who were often going through the most stressful & challenging times in their lives and am delighted to continue supporting people as a Hypnotherapist. Hypnobirthing is one of my greatest pleasures as a therapist. Having a baby is without doubt a pivotal time in your life, and Hypnobirthing brings invaluable calm and confidence to it. Your memories of your babies birth will last you a lifetime, so why not make them positive?

Ruth Prowse (read more)
Location: Buckinghamshire and Berkshire
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I’m Ruth Prowse a qualified hypnobirthing practitioner through KG Hypnobirthing. I qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2009 following a Psychology BSc at The University of the West of England. I am also a hypnobirthing mum myself!

Lucy Phillips (read more)
Location: Wendover
Phone: 07847 623253
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Gillian Thompson (read more)
Location: Gerrards Cross
Phone: 07973 525098
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Qualified Hypnobirthing teacher, member of the Hypnobirthing Association and mum of two

Gill completed her teacher training with Katherine Graves of the hypnobirthing association, the woman who is credited with bringing hypnobirthing to the UK, before founding Simplyborn. Her aim is to offer professional hypnobirthing courses to professional women and their partners, bringing a sound, scientific and grounded approach to what many people may originally dismiss as an airy-fairy discipline. Gill is committed to helping make your experience of pregnancy and childbirth a positive and empowering one, and at this very special time in your lives  is keen that you enjoy the courses, hopefully having a few laughs along the way and leaving feeling energised and confident.

Gill became interested in hypnobirthing when pregnant with her second child. Due to a previous bad experience she turned to hypnobirthing having heard about the benefits it can offer both during pregnancy, through labour and beyond. ‘Whilst maintaining a healthy scepticism I decided to pursue it as an option for a natural, calm birth. I also thought it might help allay some of my fears and anxieties around my pregnancy.’ After reading  several books on  hypnobirthing  I totally bought into the theories and practices, and the idea that we in the west have been conditioned to expect childbirth to be painful, whereas in many cultures this simply isn’t the case. Childbirth is often over-medicalised and subject to a myriad of monitoring and interference that often is totally unnecessary. ‘  After undertaking  the hypnobirthing course herself  her daughter Emilia was born peacefully, swiftly , painlessly and calmly .

Gill lives in Chalfont St Peter, Bucks and offers courses to couples in the surrounding area of South Bucks. She is fully trained and insured to teach hypnobirthing courses.


Sonia Wilkinson (read more)
Location: Amersham
Phone: 01494 580011
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Hi, I'm Sonia Wilkinson and I run HypnoBump

Based in Amersham, I'm a hypnobirthing specialist and I run a number of public courses (for between 5 to 10 couples) as well as private courses and one2one sessions.

Having indulged in two natural, pain free births - I can honestly say that for me, childbirth was a positive and empowering experience. I couldn't wait to hold my babies and even now (as the mum of two teenagers), thinking back to my births still brings a warm smile to my face.

I'm passionate about providing women and their partners with techniques that can really help them to achieve and maintain a relaxed state during pregnancy and facilitate a comfortable birth. I truly believe that whatever birthing environment you choose and regardless of the type of birth you have - the techniques that you learn as HypnoBump Parents will help to make your birthing experience an even more positive one.

Relevant Qualifications:

I'm a graduate member of the British Psychological Society, qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Licensed NLP practitioner, Hypnobirthing specialist, mentored Doula and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner (amongst other things!). I'm registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register, The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and am fully insured.

After qualifying as a clinical hypnotherapist, I undertook additional training to become a hypnobirthing instructor under the delightful guidance of Katharine Graves. I was fortunate enough to attend doula training with Liliana Lammers & Michel Odent, the world renowned obstetrician and have also attended Gail Tully's Spinning Babies workshop. 

Please feel free to give me a call or jot a quick email if you'd like any additional information.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Nancy Keen (read more)
Location: Aylesbury
Phone: 07817 233480
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Nancy Keen BSc, PGCE, MHbA


I first discovered hypnobirthing in 2004 while pregnant with my first daughter. I was terrified of the prospect of a natural birth but went on to have a calm, pain free experience where I was in complete control. I have since had two fabulous home births using the hypnobirthing techniques.


Since 2005 I have helped many couples to birth confidently and calmly. I trained with Katharine Graves of KGH and now train trainers as well as running my parent courses.


Holding a BSc Psychology and Biology I recognise the importance of both psychology and physiology in the hypnobirthing training. The course educates and prepares the body and mind using well established biological knowledge about birth processes.


I spent ten years as a teacher giving me a catalogue of teaching methods to ensure you get the best from the hypnobirthing course.


Whether it is your first or fourth, each birth is a unique and emotional journey and I hope to help you to find the path that is right for you.


I have seen the difference that hypnobirthing makes in my own birthing experiences and of those that I have introduced to hypnobirthing. The KGH course I teach will give you the tools to have the positive, empowering, calm and comfortable birth that you want.

Vanessa Hodge (read more)
Location: Burnham
Phone: 07455 363262
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I teach hypnobirthing alongside pregnancy yoga, reflexology, giving classes in the Bucks / Berks area. I've been a midwife for 16 years and have a family of two, and I'd love to help you through the birthing process as well.

More information about me and my teaching on my website:

Hypnobirthing Buckinghamshire

All of our members are skilled and experienced hypnobirthing professionals who have been through our assessment process in order to receive accredited status.  They have all trained in KG Hypnobirthing and have signed up to our ethics code.  This asserts their advocacy of natural childbirth and their commitment to promoting good practice in natural childbirth generally and in hypnobirthing specifically.

Hypnobirthing is a recognised method used in childbirth and promotes relaxation and calmness within the mother as a natural part of giving birth.  You can find more information about hypnobirthing  on our home page.

Hypnobirthing is an effective natural childbirthing method which brings a calmness to mother and baby through the use of hypnosis techniques for relaxation.


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