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Dawn Matthews (read more)
Location: Glossop Derbyshire
Phone: 07930137269
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 Hi I'm Dawn and I've been a practicing Midwife for 36 years. I've been an experienced community and Birth Centre Midwife specialising in using Hypnobirthing in natural births and water births. I have helped to birth many babies using Hypnobirthing and I know it works!

I'm also a fully qualified Hypnobirthing practitioner teaching the KG Home of Hypnobirthing programme.

I've had the wonderful privilege of delivering my own grandchildren with my daughter using Hypnobirthing. Below is a picture of my daughter and grandson who was a beautiful water birth.

                 .toni holding liss

We've four children and I live in a farmhouse in the hills of Glossop, Derbyshire with my husband and youngest son who is thirteen, three dogs and four hens .I have worked in hospitals throughout the North West,in regional and speacial care baby units, in research for confidential enquires and taught nurse cadets in colleges.

I'm passionate about Hypnobirthing as it empowers you to experience the joy of the magical journey of pregnancy and experience the love of a gentle and calm birth.

  In my classes you'll learn how to over come tension, stress and anxiety using a combination of visualisation and breathing techniques .It helps to create a calm and positive state of mind in a relaxed atmosphere to help you prepare for the birth of your precious baby.

It uses wonderful inspiring techniques that support you through the journey, birth and goes on to help you to provide a firm foundation for parenthood.

 Giving birth to a baby is definitely one of life’s most precious moments, maybe the most important! This is why my advice after 36 years of having the privilege of being present at so many wonderful and magical births...and being there when a baby opens it's eyes for the first time and looks about in amazement...seeing them take their first breath.... is to apply the same principles you hold in life and prepare and plan.

“With Hypnobirthing you will approach the magic of your baby’s birth together, however it happens with less fear and anxiety than might otherwise have been the case.”

  In my classes the positive effects of Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Birth Preparation are combined in a fun interactive way. All aspects of pregnancy and birth are covered and you and your partner will have all you need to enjoy the wonderful journey you have embarked on together.

I've provided Hypnobirthing classes to couples on an individual basis and to groups with the NHS for a number of years and I would be happy to talk or meet with you to discuss your plans for the birth of your baby.

Dawn Matthews B.Sc.(hons) PGDE SCM Dip Hyp(KG)

''Dawn was fabulous, very knowledgeable especially with alternative methods such as Hypnobirthing.. most informative sessions.. looking forward to each week.'' Charlotte.




Ellena Outram (read more)
Location: Chesterfield, NE Derbyshire
Phone: 01246 768140
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I am a hypnobirthing Mum to 3 children.  I am a hypnobirthing practitioner, also a hypnotherapist, specialising in fertility hypnosis (fertile body method) and a Level 5 maternity reflexologist.  I operate all of these services from our therapy centre.  I try to meet the needs of all my couples and offer as much support as people want or need.

Julia Clark (read more)
Location: Sheffield
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After qualifying as a midwife at King's College London, I went straight to work for a caseload team in South London. This brilliant job - based at St Thomas' hospital - gave me the opportunity to work with women from their booking appointment, through the birth, to the early days of parenthood. I have now assisted at well over 100 births, at home and in hospital settings. It is always a privilege to support mothers at the time of birth, and I have seen, time and time again, the great strength and love that women bring to their own unique birth.

I was convinced of the benefits of hypnobirthing long before becoming a midwife. My sister, after a challenging first birth, used hypnobirthing to prepare for her second. The result was a overwhelmingly positive natural birth experience for my sister, which, in turn, transformed my understanding of what birth could be like. I have now witnessed many times the positive effects of hypnobirthing, and strongly believe in its benefits, however a birth unfolds.  

Having studied languages to degree level at the University of Cambridge, I speak French and German fluently, and would encourage any mothers to get in touch if they would like classes, or more general support, in these languages. 

I recently moved up to Sheffield, where I continue to work as an NHS midwife and qualified KG Hypnobirthing teacher.  I practice meditation myself, and have experienced first-hand its benefits for my physical and mental health.  On my days off, I head out to the Peak in pursuit of beautiful landscapes and rocks - my other great loves, and the reason for my move up North!

Karen Entwisle (read more)
Location: Sheffield and Derbyshire
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nurturing Families provides practical and emotional support to pregnant and newborn families.


About me

My name is Karen Entwisle, mum to 2 gorgeous children, antenatal hypnobirthing teacher and pregnancy and postnatal doula.


I created Nurturing Families after realising that the couples and families I was teaching and supporting during pregnancy with my antenatal hypnobirthing classes; needed just as much support, information, guidance and empowerment in the postnatal period as they did in pregnancy.


Nurturing Families has been developed through a natural organic progression, providing support during pregnancy and after the baby is born has been incredibly rewarding for me and invaluable for the couples I have spent time with.



What Services do I offer?

Antenatal Hypnobirthing Classes providing information and techniques about birth and preparing for birth.


Pregnancy Doula – support for pregnant women and couples at antenatal appointments, assisting in writing birth plans and proposals, researching conditions or suggested procedures



Postnatal Doula – support for families from baby’s birth day or from when partners return to work. I provide support at home or accompanying to classes and groups. Information and support regarding feeding, sleeping, babywearing, mental health. I can provide practical support such as making food, helping with siblings, watching baby whilst mum takes a shower or has a rest.



Anybody who has had a baby and needs some additional support.


How much is it?

£15 an hour for pregnancy and postnatal doula support (minimum of 20 hours over 8 weeks fo postnatal support)


Pregnancy support can be booked on an adhoc basis.


Antenatal hypnobirthing Classes are £250 for 5 x 1:1 sessions or £195 for group classes


What areas do I cover?

Sheffield, Hope Valley and the Peak District, North Derbyshire and High Peak, East Cheshire, West Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire.



Contact me or visit my website and social media pages


    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    07426 009 547


Wishing you best wishes for your pregnancy, birth and beyond

Karen x


Carole Clipsom (read more)
Location: Cheshire
Phone: 07917 768895
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Hello, my name is Carole and I have been trained to teach the Katherine Graves method of Hynobirthing.  I am a practicing midwife and qualified complementary therapist. I am employed part time within the NHS as a midwife, working at the local birth centre and I run my business Optimum Birthing, which provides complementary therapies for pregnant mums.  I feel very privileged to be able to accompany women and their partners through the final part of their childbirth journey. For me, to be part of that special moment when they finally meet their baby for the first time is truly magical. I live with my husband Chris in Macclesfield, our two grown up children have flown the nest and set up homes of their own nearby. I really wish that hypnobirthing had been around at the time of their births, as I know that I would have loved hypnobirthing my babies.

Diane Fletcher (read more)
Location: Buxton
Phone: 07971865858
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My name is Diane Fletcher and i have been a midwife working in the High Peak, Buxton and surrounding area since 1982.

Being part of the pathway that parents take when having their babies was never my intended career, I worked as astaff nurse in a Special Care Baby Unit and undertook midwifery to enhance my work there.


The bug bit, so to speak and I have never looked back since!

I have two children, the first premature, otherwise he should have arrived in a local birth centre the second an amazing home birth supported by local midwives and my partner.

My belief is that the mind and body work as one and are not separate, my work with stress therapy underpins my  approach to hypnobirthing


Two of my beautiful grandchildren were also born at home in birthing pools. My daughter has lived with a normal approach to midwifery all her life so she had the confidence to be at home for the arrival of my amazing grandsons - who I never stop talking about!


My philosophy is that childbirth is one of the most lifechanging experiences in a womans life and she should be supported to make this a positive event.

I believe in a womans ability to work with her body to enhance the transition to motherhood. Hypnobirthing is an amazing way to prepare for this time in advance and learn to share this preparation with her birth partner, however unwilling this may be to start with...... the bug will bite them too......


I have been priviledged to witness many women who are able to centre themselves and achieve an amazing birth experience with the birth partner being a player not an observer.



Jane Ingleby (read more)
Phone: 0781 806 4126
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I had my first child in 1998, at the time there wasn’t even waterbirth on offer let alone hypnobirthing. However my parents always spoke about birth as such a positive and exciting experience. My mum was always telling me how she didn’t recall any pain. So I went into labour relaxed and not fearing it. I had Jack at the local birthing centre, in 4 hours. In 2000 I had a fantastic home birth with Libby. Then in 2010 I had a wonderful waterbirth with Charlotte, even though she was born back to back. I totally believe, both as a mother and a midwife, that being relaxed and having confidence in your body makes the most difference to your birthing experience.
As a midwife I am highly motivated and dedicated to promoting normality and women/family centred care. I have been heavily involved with the homebirth support group and promoting waterbirth and I'm also a Reiki II practitioner.
I qualified as a midwife in 2007, during my training I won a valedictory award for “Excellence in clinical practice” and in 2009 I received 2 nominations for midwife of the year.
I am passionate about empowering women and their partners so they feel confident and in control, not only through labour but in the transition to becoming a parent.

Hypnobirthing Derbyshire

All of our teachers have been trained with the KG Hypnobirthing RCM accredited Teachers Training course.  

They have all signed up to our code of conduct which requires they adhere to best practice at all times and work to promote the popularity of natural birthing methods overall, and hypnobirthing in particular.

Hypnobirthing is an effective method of birthing as it helps to create a relaxed and calm mother which in turn transforms into the delivery of a relaxed and calm baby.  Its use is becoming more widespread and we continue to work to raise awareness and further increase its use.  More detailed information on hypnobirthing can be found here.


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