“Just wanted to say a huge thank for this incredible course. It’s been so insightful and really enjoyable. Michael has also loved being a part of it all and learning about his role (and how important it is). As you know I loved the idea of a home birth but Michael was really worried about what could go wrong and the fact we wouldn’t be at the hospital but from taking your course he’s agreed that a home birth would be perfect for us!! I am really not worried or panicked about the birth/labour as I feel I have the power of knowledge and what to expect... I am actually really excited. Thanks again for everything. You really did do a great job!!!!!” Natasha C, first time mum to baby born October 2020.

”I will be recommending the Birth Baby Balance KGHypnobirthing course to any pregnant ladies I come across! Sarah is so knowledgable and a very engaging teacher so the course is enjoyable and easy to follow. She is a caring person and advocates for women (and partners) making informed decisions that are right for them, to hopefully give them and their baby a positive birth experience. There’s lots of opportunity for discussion in the sessions and no question is too silly to ask! About halfway through the KGH course I started to feel calm and relaxed about labour and birth and not daunted by what lay ahead. The content, the visualisation downloads and the breathing practice I was doing (I never managed enough!) helped me to feel prepared and with more confidence than I expected! It’s such an important job that we have to do as mothers to bring our little ones into the world so I believe it’s hugely important to feel as trained as possible for that. As well as KGH, I also did an NCT course (because that’s what everyone suggests you should do and to help me meet local mums) but I found the labour and birth information in it was nowhere near as thorough or as clear or as interesting as the KGH course. The Birth Baby Balance KGH course is worth every penny of investment to help you feel informed, confident, relaxed and as ready as you can be.” Lucy Jewitt, 1st time mum to Henry, born September 2020.

“Ended up getting to the birth centre at 9am already 8cm dilated after quiet labouring throughout the night, and then went really well with no pain killers at all, even no gas and air, just with hypnobirthing. However, he was wonky, his head was coming out but despite lots of pushing not the rest, so ended up with ambulance ride to the hospital, then spinal block and forceps birth as he was starting to suffer from being very low for a long time, so it all got a bit exciting at the end! Your hypnobirthing course was the main reason we had the most amazing experience, even with a twist at the end, so got to thank you for so much! I wouldn’t have been able to keep calm without all your help.” Lucy H, first time mum to Felix, born April 2020.