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Claire London (read more)
Location: Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and North Essex
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With a passion for the art, spirituality and science of birth I have over 20 years experience in the NHS and understand how to navigate services so that women and their families access the best care. Having completed my KG Hypnobirthing training in 2015 I am happy to be supporting women in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and North Essex to prepare for a calm, confident and relaxed birth.
Deborah Martin-King (read more)
Location: Ipswich
Phone: 01473 780954
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Most of my working life along with bringing up 2, now grown up boys has been in training, guidance, and support for young people and their families. I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to change careers to teach and to share, my passion and belief in hypnobirthing. Having studied at The Hypnobirthing Association under the wise and wonderful Katharine Graves, on the Royal College of Midwives approved Hypnobirthing Teaching course. I also teach and run courses in pregnancy yoga and relaxation, baby massage and baby yoga. The skills, training and expertise I have gained throughout my life and continue to do so means I can offer you a hypnobirthing programme that meets your needs. My teaching of hypnobirthing will be interesting, insightful, empowering and fun! Originally from Liverpool, I have spent most of my time living in Woodbridge, Suffolk. My love of being by the water has brought me to where I now live, aboard a converted Thames lighter barge on the banks of the River Orwell at Pin Mill. Moving onto a houseboat in our coldest winter ever was a steep learning curve. I love it here, the freedom to step out into National trust woodland or to take out my little old fashioned sail boat along the river is a delight. It is a great location and for couples interested in my hypnobirthing programme you are welcome to join me here rather than in your own home.
Alice Lucas (read more)
Location: Halesworth, Suffolk
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I studied at The Hypnobirthing Association under Katharine Graves, on the Royal College of Midwives approved Hypnobirthing Teaching course and I am a registered member of the Hypnobirthing Association. I am based in Halesworth, and teach classes across Suffolk.

My Hypnobirthing Story

When I was pregnant with our daughter I felt very anxious. Many of my friends and family had described their difficult experiences of childbirth and I had always felt that there must be another way. Then I found Hypnobirthing and it looked like a really positive approach to pregnancy and birth.

I found the course extremely informative on all aspects of birth and very empowering. The exercises and breathing techniques soon changed me from a very anxious pregnant lady, to a calm and prepared mum-to-be. 

Hypnobirthing provided me with all the information I needed to make the right choices about the birth I wanted, the techniques for a calm and natural labour, and the best start for a new life together with my baby.

Melanie-Sara Barugh (read more)
Location: Greenwich London
Phone: 0203 745 5770
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I was first inspired by Frederick LeBoyer's book- Birth without violence over 10 years ago.

I found through journeying back through my own birth (which happened spontaneously through massage and breathe-work)


I discovered just how powerfully my own birth had imprinted upon me and truly understood the importance of empowering and supporting  wherever possible, each couple's choices and enhancing them.


I then began attending births after pregnancy massage treatments and I have been inspired in empowering birthing journeys ever since.



I believe it can ensure the best chances for a calm conscious birthing journey can be experienced for every birthing mother, partner and the baby who is entering the world. This work comes from my heart and I truly aim to make a difference on so many levels.


I am truly in love with my work as an advanced therapist in pre and post pregnancy massage, as well as in offering active birthing skills and now to be able to offer hypnobirthing my life purpose is enhanced even further.


I have been inspired by Ina May Gaskin's approaches, Michel Odent and Elena Tonetti's inspirational work in natural birthing and would recommend you take a closer look.

I also offer support for infertility using unique visualisation, reflexology, massage and breathe connection, to reduce deep levels of tensions within the body which can play a part in imbalances in the first place.  This can be offered as part of IVF or when looking to conceive naturally.


I look forward to meeting you!

Hypnobirthing Suffolk

Hypnobirthing is becoming recognised more and more as an effective method of childbirth as it helps the mother have a far more relaxed and less stressful birthing experience, leading to a more relaxed baby. You can .

Our teacher are trained in recognised hypnobirthing techniques and are highly experienced in teaching these methods to expectant mothers for their childbirthing.  Each teacher has been trained and assessed individually to certify them. They have all signed up to our code of practice, covering principles and ethics, and including the promotion of good practice when teaching hypnobirthing.  Teachers also commit to working to increase understanding about the benefits of natural childbirth techniques in order to build its wider usage around the country and beyond.


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