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Sally Howard (read more)
Location: Cranleigh, Surrey near Dorking, Horsham, Guildford
Phone: 01483274668
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Hello, my name is Sally. Qualifying as a clinical hypnotherapist has led me into many areas of hypnotherapy. Training as a KGHypnobirthing teacher quickly became one very exciting area for me to develop and enjoy.

I have two children and only wish that I had heard of hypnobirthing back then, (fifteen years ago!) to have had a better understanding of the natural birth process and how our bodies work and why would have been wonderfully beneficial.

After the birth of my second child I trained as a childminder which I moved on from as my children got older. Hypnotherapy has given me the privilege of helping people with a vast range of issues and KGHypnobirthing has expanded that privilege to empowering mothers to have gentle and natural births for themselves and their babies. An experience to be treasured. 

I am Cranleigh based and also cover the surrounding villages nestled in between Horsham, Guildford and Dorking: Abinger, Albury, Alfold, Broadbridge Heath, Chiddingfold, Coldharbour, Dunsfold, Ewhurst, Forest Green, Godalming, Holmbury, Holmwood, Ockley, Peaslake, Rudgwick, Shalfold, Shamley Green, Sheere, Slinfold, Walliswood, Wonersh, to name a few!

Rachel Smith (read more)
Location: Walton on Thames
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Hi I'm Rachel, a mum, wife and hypnobirthing teacher living in Walton on Thames.

I used hypnobirthing when I gave birth to my son, George and I can honestly say that birthing my baby was the most extraordinary, wonderful and empowering experience of my life. In the weeks and months following the birth I kept re-living the experience in my mind with such fond and positive memories. However, not all my friends feel the same way about their births – so I decided to train as a hypnobirthing teacher so I can help more women to have positive births.

You can read more about me at:

Sarah Rampersad (read more)
Location: Horsham, West Sussex
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Hi, I'm Sarah, KG hypnobirthing teacher and Mum of two beautiful children, Kobe and Maia. 

My love for hypnobirthing came after having my first child, to say I was terrified was an understatement. After hearing so many bad birth stories I was adamant I just could not give birth naturally! 

I was then introduced to hypnobirthing, sceptical but intruiged, I needed to find out all I could about this! So after some research, I was surprised to discover that not only is it logical, gentle and evidence based, but also that it works. I felt excited about this, this was exactly what I needed, some positivity. Maybe I would be able to go through labour naturally afterall!

The course was absolutely amazing. Hypnobirthing gave us the power to make informed decisions, along with the tools, skills and knowledge to release our fears and build confidence for birth. We felt truly empowered, feeling in control and completely positive and prepared for whichever journey the birth was to take. 

We went on to have a beautiful calm and relaxed birth. Not once, but twice, this is not just luck, this is hypnobirthing. 

I just couldnt praise hypnobirthing enough and after preaching to all of my friends and family about it, I felt the only way to share my passion and spread the word about hypnobirthing is to became a hypnobirthing teacher myself. It's amazing to be able to do a job you love. 

Helen Jones (read more)
Location: Alton, Hampshire
Phone: 01420 543408
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I originally trained and worked as a secondary school teacher. However, after having my daughter in 2009, I realised how important it is that families have access to heart based support in the antenatal and postnatal periods. I therefore trained as a Craniosacral Therapist who specialises in working with babies, and now work doing craniosacral therapy and teaching hypnobirthing, as well as co-running Alton Baby Centre where we offer a range of pregnancy and baby classes.

Laura Oldfield (read more)
Location: 6 Warren Mead
Phone: 07825041892
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t is my mission to make as many women in Surrey, Kent and South London (and their partners) feel amazing in pregnancy, support them in preparing for an amazing birth and keep that support going once they begin the crazy world of parenthood!

I offer group courses, work with private clients, give Pregnancy Relaxation classes and postnatal relaxation sessions. I work with many other fantastic professionals in Surrey and beyond, and am able to advise on doulas, Pregnancy yoga and Pilates, aromatherapy, reflexology, physiotherapy and osteopathy, pregnancy and birth photographers as well as other practitioners.

Livia Maddison (read more)
Location: Surrey, Greater London.
Phone: 07956209785
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Antoinette Reynolds (read more)
Location: SW16
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I'm Antoinette

I am a full spectrum doula. I provide birth and postnatal doula support

Being full spectrum doula means i can also support families in miscarriage and stillbirth doula support, non judgmental and non religious termination of pregnancy medical and non medical reasons doula support.

I am trained to give Ayurvedic yoga massage(AYM)
I am a Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Independent consultant

I suffered with postnatal depression with my first child for many many years after the birth. Although postnatal depression seems more commonly spoken about now, it wasnt when i had it and that experience made me passionate to help other women so no woman feels unsupported or alone in their journey to motherhood........A doula was born.

I breastfed all of my three children however struggled with my first two children due to lack of support. I was privileged recently to shadow a community midwife and help run co-ordinate her breastfeeding clinic. Hands on experience gave me an insight on the variety of different journeys mothers and their families face in breastfeeding.

Being a doula allows me to support women 1-2-1 whether its during pregnacy,birth or postnatally as women centred care is primary for me.

I have a clean drivers licence and cover all parts of London and out of London. If your not sure contact me.  Ask me anything.......Always happy to help

KGHypnobirthing teacher,

Ayurvedic yoga massage therapist,

Neal's Yard Remedies consultant,

Birth photographer,

Home based childcare (Childminding CACHE Diploma Level 3),


Closing of bones,

OCN Breastfeeding Skills,including preterm and multiple babies.

Liz Whitehead (read more)
Location: Lower Sunbury, Surrey
Phone: 07841512306
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Hi! I'm Liz Whitehead. I live in Lower Sunbury in Surrey with my husband Jonathan and son Alexander.

My experience with Hypnobirthing began long before giving birth - when I was actually 15 years old. Without knowing it, I used many of the Hypnobirthing techniques to over come the devastating side effects of chemotherapy. It was during treatment that I really started to appreciate the power of the mind. When I was diagnosed with cancer I underwent a rigorous regime of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and had pretty major surgery. It was at this point in my life I learnt how to use visualisations and positive mantras to aid my recovery. It really helped me maintain a positive attitude when things got tough.

I got through the whole ordeal in 2002 and went on to study and qualify as an RE teacher which I am still doing today.

Jonathan and I fell pregnant in 2015 after an unfortunate miscarriage and I knew straight away that visualisations, relaxation techniques and positive mantras were, once again, the way forward when approaching child birth.

I had heard about Hypnobirthing through numerous friends and after the 20 week scan immediately signed us up on a course. It turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. Not only was our birth calm and comfortable, I felt in complete control and actually enjoyed the whole experience.

Our son Alexander was born in the water with the lights down low and my mantras on repeat without the need for any pain relief. Afterwards I felt so incredibly proud of myself. I was empowered by the whole experience and I want to share that empowerment with all of you too.

Paula Lavandeira Fernandez (read more)
Location: Surrey/Berkshire
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hello, thank you for reading my profile my name is Paula. I am a Senior Midwife with 10 years experience within the NHS and a further 10 years as a registered Nurse.

I have always been very passionate about empowering women and providing them all the support and care possible. Often the approach within the NHS is clinical one regardless of necessity and that combined with working restrictions led me to explore avenues to provide extended support and care.

To allow me to provide this support and care for woman and their families making the most of the childbirth experience, I founded “The Nurtured Munchkins” a company that offers support Antenatally, during childbirth and Postnatally.

 I offer KG Hypnobirthing classes, acupuncture, moxibustion therapy, baby massage and baby yoga classes. You can choose the type of classes that better suits you:

GROUP CLASSES: Reduced number of couples per group so you will ensure you can enjoy the classes without feeling overcrowded. It is a great opportunity to meet new parents and share your experience with them. 

ONE TO ONE CLASSES: one to one in the comfort of your own home (or in Woking if you prefer) lets face it group classes aren’t for everyone, you might have a busy family life, don’t feel comfortable sharing feelings or thoughts with other couples.

REFRESHER CLASSES: for those that already have some experience with Hypnobirthing but would like to have a 4 hours class to gain confidence and remember the techniques used in the past. 

 I specialise providing support and classes to 1st time Mums, home births, IVF pregnancies and those with previous traumatic experiences.

Feel free to give me a call or drop me an email. I look forward to helping you find the right approach for you. Make your pregnancy and birth the best experience of your life and give your baby/babies the best start of their lives!!

Lesley Feilder (read more)
Location: Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2NL
Phone: 01428 644557
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My name is Lesley and I live in Haslemere, Surrey with my husband Jeremy and some of my 5 children. The children range in age from 27 down to 17 (4 boys and 1 girl).   The whole period of my childrens' childhoods has flown past and I would not have missed any of it. ( Very fortunately I have not had to).  Their births were varied and apart from a caesarean section for my first son who was breech, then a forceps delivery for my second child as he was slightly stuck, the other 3 children were born very easily and with no other birthing difficulties.  Having watched them grow up (they are all adults now) they are now an absolute delight to me and I enjoy their company as fellow adults as much as I do any of my best friends.

Long before I had my own children I wanted to work in the neonatal world but it wasn't until 2008, when my children were old enough, that I had time to do an Access to Nursing & Health Professions course at Guildford College, and my aim back then was to become a midwife. I heard about Doulas for the first time just after I finished my course in 2010.  After some research I understood that their ethos sat very comfortably with my own belief that childbirth is a natural process which, given the right  tools and emotional suport, most women will come through with beautiful memories of a very primitive and wonderful experience to treasure all their lives. As a recently qualified KG Hypnobirthing teacher I now have the perfect tools to teach pregnant couples how to have the best (and sometimes pain-free) birth possible for them.  The sense of achievement for a woman is extraordinary and this should be available to all women; so it is with this belief that I feel that to be able in this part of a couple's journey into parenthood is an amazing privilege.  I can offer you support in the form of  practical help, emotional support (you may need both in varying amounts) and hypnobirthing techniques that can be also be used as coping skills in other potentially stressful situations throughout life.  I also offer non-judgemental advice during the build-up to the birth and in the immediate post-natal period, as you adjust to your beautiful new addition.   

Caroline Cousens (read more)
Location: Guildford
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Joanna Snellin (read more)
Location: Richmond/Kingston/Elmbridge
Phone: 07875236222
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hello! My name is Jo Snellin and my aim is to guide you through a happy and calm pregnancy to a happy and calm birth.


I became passionate about birth and the magic of the female body and all it can achieve after the birth of my two children. My first son was born in 2013 at hospital, under strip lighting and with all of the drugs! I had very little understanding of how the female body works during labour and was unable to remain calm when things didn't quite go the way I thought they would. Luckily for me my baby was born healthy and happy but I felt disconnected from his birth and my body and constantly wondered what I could have done to prevent this. So, when I fell pregnant with my second son in 2015 I decided straight away that I wanted a different experience, so signed up to a KG Hypnobirthing class.

I learnt all about my body and the power of the mind and how if I allowed them to work together naturally and harmoniously during labour I could peacefully and calmly welcome my baby earthside. It was such a life changing, empowering experience that I decided there and then that I wanted to help other women experience this calmness during their pregnancy and labour.

Our bodies and the beautiful birth system within us are already perfect - I will simply teach you how to access it. 

If you are interested in one of my courses or have any questions please contact me via my Contact page. You can also find me on Instagram @thehappybirthguide and Twitter @happybirthguide.

Sakina Ballard (read more)
Location: Norwood & Crystal Palace, South London
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I came to Hypnobirthing like many Hypnobirthing teachers, through being pregnant, using it to birth and absolutely LOVING IT! 


Hypnobirthing was first mentioned to me during my first pregnancy, where I had read everything about birth (I was totally prepared for any ante-natal quiz) and took a weekly pregnancy yoga class, all in preparation for the unknown event of birth which I was secretly terrified of. My best friend who was also expecting her first child was telling me about Hypnobirthing and I thought it sounded very much like what I was doing already, getting clued up on ante-natal knowledge and relaxing, so I decided not to pursue it further.

During my labour I knew there was a better way for me, my body and baby to birth but I didn't have the tools.


When I came to my second pregnancy, I knew I was willing to invest in myself as much as I had been baby items and having a good experience was priceless. I decided to look into Hypnobirthing for myself, my baby and also my husband who wanted to be a part of the experience.


I loved the whole experience of wellbeing throughout pregnancy and during labour, as well as the connection I had to my body. The sense of team it gave my husband and I and our son along the whole journey was so important in preparing us all for the transitions and transformations that were happening. We all enjoyed the birth experience and started family life calmly, positively and empowered.


Having had that experience I knew that better births were out there and every mother and family deserved to have them. I also knew Hypnobirthing was a great tool in enabling them. As a teacher I work without judgment about your birth choices and in full support of you having an informed and positive birth that is uniquely yours. I am always honoured and privileged to work with people at this stage in their lives.

Miriam Greaves (read more)
Location: Redhill, Surrey
Phone: 07979946392
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I started my career in the theatre industry where I worked for 13 years in London and New York before I was introduced to Hypnobirthing. After the birth of my daughter, I felt passionate about the power of the female and the right every woman has to have a positive birth experience. Six months later, I trained to become a Hypnobirthing teacher with KG Hypnobirthing, a course accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. I now work with parents to build their confidence and give them the tools to not only make a difference to their experience of birth but to give their baby the best possible start in life. I also run the Positive Birth Movement, Redhill & Reigate and am a member of the Maternity Services Liaison Committee for Surrey and Sussex.

Sophia Smythe Davis (read more)
Location: Molesey
Phone: 07876215265
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I am a fully qualified and registered Hypnobirthing pratictioner with the Royal College of Midwives accredited KG Hypnobirthing course. I have a passion for empowering women and their partners (other half or nominated birth partner) to have the best birth possible for them.  I can assist you in achieving a calm and relaxed birth where you are in control. I am also a mother of two hypno-babies and am passionate about more women gaining access to information that will help them achieve a comfortable and wonderful birth experenience.



Hypnobirthing Surrey

Hypnobirthing is a form of natural childbirth which involves training expectant mothers how to use effective hypnosis techniques as part of a more calm and relaxed birth for them and their child.  We believe that this gives you, as a mother, more peace of mind over your birthing, and also gives your birthing partner much more involvement in the birth in a very positive way.

KG Hypobirthing

KG Hypnobiring is growing, so wherever you are, we hope that you will be able to find one of our practitioners near you.  Here in Surrey, we have members in Farnham, Godalming, Guildford, New Malden and Reigate, so wherever you live in the county, someone local should be able to give you support and training in hypnobirthing techniques for the birth of your baby.

Accredited Teachers

Every one of our registered practitioners has been carefully assessed to ensure they fulfil our entry requirements, with extensive experience of teaching at least one of the recognised hypnobirthing methods.

Our Core Principles

Our members have signed up to our code of conduct, which ensures they are committed to enhancing birthing for mothers through natural childbirth, by teaching good quality practices. In addition, they work with us to promote hypnobirthing techniques in order to raise awareness of their effectiveness in achieving a relaxed birth for both mother and child.

Found out more about Hypnobirthing here. 

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The Sunday Times The Guardian Radio 4 Woman's Hour Prima Baby & Pregnancy OK! Mother & Baby  The Telegraph Daily Mail


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