KG Hypnobirthing is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence during pregnancy and birth.

Hypnobirthing Yorkshire E - Teachers' Directory

Carolyn Newman (read more)
Location: East Riding of Yorkshire
Phone: 07881855121
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Sandra Stones (read more)
Location: Hull, Cottingham, Beverley, East Yorkshire,
Phone: 07947902922
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Hi, my name is Sandra, I have been teaching Hypnobirthing for over ten years now and I love helping couples to achieve the birth they want for themselves and their baby. I have two daughters and two granchildren and I'm Auntie Sandra to hundreds of Hypnobirthing babies. I adore baby cuddles and hearing birthing stories and I'm always happy to put the kettle on :)

Positively Birthing (read more)
Location: Women and Children's Hospital
Phone: 01482 607860
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here at Hull Women and Children’s Hospital we are excited to teach and support women who wish to use hypnobirthing during their pregnancy and birth in our "Positively Birthing" classes. Our hypnobirthing instructors are midwives and midwifery assistants who have a passion for hypnobirthing and are trained hypnobirthing instructors in KG Hypnobirthing. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in childbirth, and knowledge of the maternity system that you are in. What is hypnobirthing? Hypnobirthing classes are sessions that teach you and your birth partner skills and knowledge to prepare for the birth of your baby. Hypnobirthing will teach you several ways to stay calm, comfortable and relaxed during your birth. It will also help you to get rid of any fears you have about childbirth and give you confidence in your body and your ability to birth your baby, so that you can welcome your baby with joy and excitement. How will hypnobirthing help me? When you feel confident about giving birth and free from fear, your body can work at its best, releasing its own natural labour, feel-good and pain-relieving hormones to keep you comfortable and calm when your baby arrives. Hypnobirthing also teaches you how to make the right choices for your birth, keeping you in control of your experience and achieving the best possible birth for you and your baby, whichever way your baby is born. What techniques will I learn?

o Breathing exercises

o Deep relaxations

o Visualisations

o Confidence-building and fear-release techniques

o Comforting massage

o How your birth partner can be your support

o How your body is designed to give birth with efficiency and comfort

o Detailed knowledge and information about pregnancy and birth

o A simple practice regime to support you at home

o How the mind and body work together

Is Hypnobirthing just for “natural births”? No, this is a myth. Hypnobirthing helps with all births, and is not just about having a natural, drug free birth. Whether your baby is going to be born by planned caesarean, or if you need to have your labour induced, it doesn’t matter. Hypnobirthing will help to reduce your fears, keep you calm and in control of your experience, so that however your baby decides to arrive you have a positive birth experience. Where and when are the classes held and when should I come? • Classes cost £150 per couple and will be taught to groups of around seven couples. • We will teach you over two Saturdays from 9.30am to 4.30pm at Women and Children’s Hospital. • You will be taught by trained hypnobirthing instructors • You will receive a hypnobirthing book, parent folder, relaxation scripts on mp3 and 12 hours of education, plus ongoing support. • We recommend completing the course before 36 weeks gestation if possible. Ideally you should start the course any time between your 28th and 34th week of pregnancy. Please get in touch via email or telephone and we will try to respond within three days to your enquiry.

Helen Harris (read more)
Location: Driffield, Beverley, Malton, York and surrounding
Phone: 01262420427
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hi, I’m Helen. I live in the Yorkshire Wolds with my husband, our three boys who are 9, 6 and 4 and our Irish Terrier!

I teach Yoga, including pregnancy and postnatal yoga (this is inclusive for mums and babies). I teach Hypnobirthing.

I am passionate about helping others, in any situation.

Through my own practice and teaching yoga to others, I am fascinated by how the breath can work to calm and heal the mind and body.

I believe that every woman and her birth supporter(s), should be educated and informed as they move through pregnancy towards birth.


I aim to empower a mother to be, informing her of the changes in her body she can expect to see and why, the process of pregnancy, informing her about the process of birth, how and which hormones work in pregnancy and labour. All the time building her strength and stamina, her inner focus and her power to birth her baby.

I aim to provide all necessary information to help informed choices to be made.


I am testament to the fact that hypnobirthing works. My third baby was a hypnobirthing baby – arriving in true serene circumstances, completely in control and with very little intervention.

A marked difference from my first two birth stories – all the same I wouldn’t change them as they made me who I am today, richer, stronger, wiser and completely full of gratitude that I am the mother of three healthy boys.

My own journey into motherhood gave me a strong desire to help others preparing for birth. I feel very fortunate to be able to pass on the beauty of KGHypnobirthing.

Anne Hemsley (read more)
Location: Beverley, East Yorkshire
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I have had an amazing & satisfying career in midwifery which has led me to work around the world. I have a life time of experience of working with parents to be at this exciting time in their lives.

As I retired recently from practising midwifery I can now focus my energy and enthusiasm in promoting normal birth.

I am proud to teach Hypnobirthing, I know it works and my goal is to make Hypnobirthing affordable so that many more parents to be can access this wonderful philosophy to have the birth that both they and their baby desire. A calm, peaceful birth with all of the associated benefits for the baby and the parents as they welcome this exciting new life into our world. 


Rebecca Thompson (read more)
Location: Burton Fleming
Phone: 01262 470467
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I teach yoga, pregnancy yoga and Hypnobirthing and I have been educating people to use their bodies in a natural and instinctive way for many years.

I am passionate about helping people understand how their minds and bodies work and what they can do to keep happy and healthy in a natural way.

I am particularly interested in helping mothers to understand their bodies in pregnancy and birth and how to achieve the pregnancy and birthing experience they want.

Hypnobirthing Yorkshire E

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