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Kate Doyle – The Wellness Midwife

*Now offering virtual online courses*
Hello, I’m Kate. I have been a practising midwife for over 15 years and a KGHypnobirthing teacher since 2017. I am also a Reflexologist, birth preparation coach and mum of 2.

I am British and lived and worked in London until 2022 when I moved to Dallas, Texas USA.
I am now actively working with Midwifery teams within the DFW birth community as a birth assist while I transfer my registration.
I offer bespoke, private/group, empowering and informative sessions. My classes are very informal and centred around YOU!

As someone who has travelled/moved around the world & within the USA, I am passionate about providing the same standard of birth preparation virtually as I’d give in person, for couples who are also living a nomadic lifestyle.


*Now offering virtual online courses to support you at this time*


“I honestly believe the hypnobirthing we did with Kate, made a huge difference, especially in supporting me. I really feel it helped. my husband was amazing”

⚫️“We really found our hypnobirthing session with Kate a real necessity. Myself and my partner found it very informative and found that my original fears and anxieties about birth were greatly diminished once our session had finished as we were much more informed and educated about the logic of birth and how the female body is designed for that purpose. We are still doing the affirmations at home which is really useful to stay calm and relaxed, Especially before bed time. Kate is so passionate and educated herself which really makes all the difference. She is also very kind and lovely to listen to.” C & R

⚫️“We can honestly say that from the moment we met you, we knew we’d made the right decision in signing up for your hypnobirthing course! Each session was the right balance of information and practice, and helped us feel more prepared. When we tell our friends and family about you and the course, we often start by saying that it should be compulsory for everyone. The sessions were incredibly informative, helping us understand the process of childbirth and how to use hypnobirthing techniques to allow for a more relaxed, confident and easy birth. We appreciated that you always gave us the opportunity to ask questions, whether they were directly related to the course or just something we were curious about. We loved the fact that, as a midwife, you were able to offer a hands-on perspective. All of this meant that each session left us feeling more confident about childbirth. I don’t think I could ever have imagined writing the following sentence one month ago, but I am honestly no longer afraid of going into labour! Thank you so much for teaching us and for making it possible for us to feel this way. We are hypnobirthing advocates and will continue to spread the word!” D & D

My private courses can be taken face to face (dependant on location) or online via zoom. They are based on what works best for you! They are divided into 4 sessions of approx 2.5 hours long. Depending on how far into your pregnancy you are, we can have 1 x 2.5 hour session per week, over 4 weeks.

However, if you prefer, we can book the 4 sessions whenever you like! eg.spread them over 2 weeks, 1 week or even a weekend!

I am entirely flexible and will be happy to discuss ANY requests with you! Your needs are as individual as you! Please feel free to contact me for a chat and see if we are a good fit for each other

I use all of my experience as a midwife, mother, antenatal teacher and traveller to bring you an up to date and practical birth preparation programme that meets your individual needs