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Nancy Keen – Birth Right Hypnobirthing

Green Croft, Narberth, Sa67 7DR, Wales

The Nurture Centre, Carmarthen, SA31 1QG, Wales
Nancy Keen Birthright Hypnobirthing

Welcome to Birth Right Hypnobirthing!

Does the thought of giving birth scare you? Are you worried about what birth will be like? Would you like to feel in control during your pregnancy and birth? Then this is the course for you!

Whether this is your first or tenth baby, my courses can help you overcome fears and prepare for the birth of your baby in the way that is best for you.

With nearly 20 years experience teaching parents (as well as training teachers and midwives), I have a course to suit you. With online and face to face options available in groups or private, let me support you on your incredible journey to parenthood.

Based in South Wales, I can support you face to face or in your own home, serving Carmarthenshire & Pembrokeshire.

With Online courses I can support you where ever you are in the world.


Nancy Keen BSc, PGCE, MHbA

My journey to KGHypnobirthing started in 2004 when I was pregnant with my first daughter. At that time I expected that I would be having a caesarean, as my mother had had caesareans due to physical reasons, and I assumed I would be the same. And I was happy with that idea. In my mind it was the most straight forward option!

Then in my 6th month of pregnancy I was told I could have a natural birth. This was NOT part of my plan and I was terrified of the prospect!! Today I would have been diagnosed with tokophobia (the fear of birth) as I couldn’t eat or sleep, I was so scared. I even considered whether it was too late to change my mind about the pregnancy!

At this time I was a school teacher, and while on half term holidays I was getting our house ready to move, and I had Discovery Health on the telly in the background. We didn’t have One Born Every Minute back then, but the documentaries on DH were just as dramatised and showed birth in a scary, risky way! This was the prep that I thought I was supposed to do.

Between the normal ‘My Terrible Birth’ programmes there was a 5 minute short film. It followed the experience of a mum who had had a terrible, traumatic first birth who was trying something new this time around. I was only half watching, until it came to her birth. She was sitting in a hospital chair, with her Sony Walkman on (it was 19 years ago!) and doing this strange breathing.

One breath.

Two Breaths.

POP. . . baby appeared!!

This was the moment that my life changed (yes dramatic statement. . .but stay with me!).

I was in awe. I had never seen anything like it in my life. I ran upstairs and cranked up the internet and found that it was called hypnobirthing (I’m so glad I saw it working before I heard what it was called. . . I don’t think I would have got any further than the title TBH).

I found a course (there were 2 in the whole country at the time) and dragged my husband, almost kicking and screaming with me. That course changed how we thought of birth and put me on the path I’m on now.

My daughter’s birth was a calm, amazing experience where I was in complete control. I have since had two fabulous home births using the KGHypnobirthing techniques.

Since 2005 I have helped many couples to birth confidently and calmly. There have been homebirths, freebirths, hospital births, caesareans, birth at the side of the road, but the hypnobirthing training gives you tools to have a positive birth however your baby comes into the world.

I trained with Katharine Graves of KGH and deliver the Teacher Training programme with Katharine all over the world.

Holding a BSc Psychology and Biology I recognise the importance of both psychology and physiology in the KGHypnobirthing training. I love bringing my education, knowledge and experience to each course that I run.

Whether it is your first or tenth birth, each is a unique and emotional journey and I will help you to find the path that is right for you.

I have seen the difference that hypnobirthing makes in my own birthing experiences and of those that I have introduced to hypnobirthing. The KGH course I teach will give you the tools to have the positive, empowering, calm and comfortable birth that you want.

So, what are you waiting for!? Get in touch and let’s get you ready for your amazing birth!

“I’m not afraid anymore! I am so excited about giving birth now!” Amy

“I was so glad I did the hypnobirthing course as Nancy made me realise that birth is an amazing, natural experience which can be approached with confidence and positivity” Kristel

“They hypnobirthing techniques allowed me to feel calm and in control throughout my labour” Suzie

“Hypnobirthing also gave my husband a crucial role during labour and beforehand which brought us closer.” Tash

“Nancy’s belief in the techniques and the fact she has used hypnobirthing with all three children instills further confidence that you can do it too. . .  and I did!” Polly

“Thank you so much Nancy for helping us to have such a wonderful birth experience.” Arun”

“We had a lovely baby boy yesterday morning. It was all normal and thanks to you, hypnobirthing did really work!” Ekta

I offer classes each month, please see website for dates.

I also offer one to one courses run from the comfort of your own home.

All classes have online or face to face options.

Contact me now on 07817 233480/01994448437 to discuss your individual needs and book a course.