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Terms and Conditions – Affiliate Scheme

Overview and scope

This affiliate scheme relates to the KGHypnobirthing Online Parents’ course and the downloadable audios (called the ‘KGH affiliate products’). It allows affiliates to benefit when visitors from their website click on a link and then go on to purchase a KGH affiliate product.

How does it work?

When you sign up to the programme, we will create an account for you with a unique link. You will then place this on your website, emails and social media channels. We will then track this link, so that if a user clicks on your link and purchases a KGH affiliate product, a commission will be paid to you. A commission is only added to your account if they complete the payment process.

Teacher Affiliate

To qualify for the Teacher Affiliate Scheme you need to have a current teachers membership. If this is not current you are welcome to join our standard affiliate scheme.

How to sign up to the affiliate scheme

Create an account with KGH here and complete the affiliate application form and submit it. Our team will then review the information and respond to you within 28 days.

Payment intervals and rates

The payments will be calculated at the end of every quarter ending June, September, December, March and paid within 45 days of the end date of that quarter. This is to ensure that payments from customers have been cleared and all refunds accounted for. For example, payments for the quarter ending 30 June will be paid no later than 15 August. The payments will be made via bank transfer.


KGH will periodically offer promotions with discounts for their KGH affiliate products.  If your client uses a discount code it will reduce both our net profit and your affiliate earnings.

KGH will conduct an annual review on the affiliate pricing and reserve the right to change the affiliate % commission at this time.

Cookies / traceability

If a user has clicked from your affiliate link and then returns on another occasion to purchase a KGH affiliate product, the link should still be in their history. However, if the user clears their cookies before purchasing an affiliate product, we will not be able to track the link and the commission will not be allocated to you. If you believe that you have referred someone who has purchased a KGH affiliate product and not been allocated the commission, please contact us to discuss it.

Appropriate content

You are responsible for ensuring that your content is appropriate and in line with the KGHypnobirthing values, so that it enhances our reputation.


Either you or KGHypnobirthing can end this agreement at any time in writing with 28 days’ notice or with immediate effect if there is a breach in the terms and conditions or your website or material is deemed inappropriate or out of line with the values of KGHypnobirthing.