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I watched every night!

Thank you so much for your fabulous course, it was ideal to be able to do this at home with the hubby (I did have to push him a bit before we started but he was a quick convert!). I now feel so much more confident and I am very excited about the birth. Thanks!

Sam feels so different

We look forward to sharing the news of our happy arrival in the autumn!

I feel so different approaching this birth now.


Thank you so much for the work you do and the wonderful way in which you do it.


Much, Much More

‘KG Hypnobirthing is not just about relaxation and breathing techniques… is much, much more than that.’ – Josephine

Super Proud Hypno Mummy

Thank you for your research which has inspired me. The methods you teach has helped me build confidence, avoid fear and have a calm empowering dream natural labour with no medical interventions in just a few hours. (Super proud to be a Hypno Mummy !!! :) – Michelle

I talk about hypnobirthing to everyone

I used hypnobirthing after reading your book and doing the course. I talk about hypnobirthing to everyone who asks about my labour-massive advocate. So thank you for your help without even knowing.

We Have Benefited Hugely

I just wanted to say Mathias and I really enjoyed your course and we have hugely benefited from it so wanted to express our thanks. You really changed our perception of the whole process and we now have a clear idea of how we want the birth of our son to be and also how best to manage the hospital side of things.

The hypno-birthing techniques were secondary to the detailed information provided on natural birth and what is in the best interest of baby and mother. I used information you provided in the course to then go and do my own research and now feel confident and informed that I am making the right choices for myself and our baby.

So thank you very much I am so glad we found you.

– Pennee

Big Thank You to Katharine Graves

Well, it didn’t quite go to plan but made good use of hypnobirthing, I got so far on my own! (If I can recommend anything for labour it’s that big thank you to Katharine Graves), – Karla

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