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Fiona Maynard – Hypnobirthing Cotswolds

Cheltenham Holistic Centre 32 Wellington Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL52 2AG, England

We teach KG Hypnobirthing as a complete ante-natal course combining mental and physical relaxation techniques to help release fear and tension. These methods are very powerful and help to optimise your body’s natural ability to give birth easily and naturally with little or no intervention. We are different because we work together as practitioners on each group course and bring you more than 40 years of our combined experience and knowledge. Mary Harris has taught Pregnancy Yoga for 25 years and Fiona Maynard uses her 20 years of teaching to help couples build confidence and learn hypnotherapy techniques. Courses are run in groups which gives you an opportunity to make wonderful new friends on the same hypnobirthing journey. Working in a group can also be very empowering for fathers. We work hard to make sure you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible with all the hypnobirthing tools in place ready for your big day!


“My name is Fiona Maynard and I trained in KG Hypnobirthing with Katharine Graves at the HypnoBirthing Centre in London. Over many years I have built a reputation as a skilled Hypnobirthing practitioner. My greatest joy is empowering mothers and fathers to reach their goals by helping them conquer fear and develop confidence. Many of my couples have found that KG Hypnobirthing relaxation techniques are so powerful that they can become life skills long after the birthing experience!

“Everything turned out fine and Dexter was gorgeous! Hypnobirthing gave us confidence and positivity throughout the birthing process. Even though circumstances meant we did not have our home birth, we would highly recommend the hypnobirthing training.”

Tim and Hannah

“Dear Fiona, Just to let you know that I had my baby on the 9th November. A boy, Will Barnaby Gardiner, we’re calling him Billy for short!, 8lbs 8oz….I do believe hypnobirthing helped and in comparison to my first son they could not have been more different. ..I did have a couple of surges when it was just Jamie and I and he was rubbing my arm and doing a reading where I started to feel myself relax and the surges felt warm and tight rather than was a very positive birth and I am over the moon that I managed to give birth naturally, we were home within 6 hours which was great too. He’s now 5 and a bit weeks and doing really well – he’s 11 lbs already!”

Jane and Jamie

“Hi Fiona – just to say thank you so much for the sessions at the weekend. We both really enjoyed it. The exercises are helping us to sleep really well; we both woke up feeling really refreshed today (miraculous as normally pretty grumpy in the morning!). They are also giving us an excuse to make time every day for each other and the baby which is great.

I think the baby has turned head down as getting poked under ribs today which hasn’t happened before! We both feel so much more relaxed about everything…Looking forward to our next session already…..

We continued to involve Hypnobirthing in our daily lives from when we did the course and really benefitted from the relaxation especially as a way to unwind, connect with each other and with our baby and to feel more prepared and in control. The Hypnobirthing made me feel empowered and not afraid of birth. I really looked forward to it and was able to remain calm and make decisions about our birth plan in a more holistic way. I loved the birth experience and am extremely grateful to hypnobirthing for all the benefits I was lucky enough to gain from it. I still play the music and believe strongly in the principals. I will certainly be using it for future births) if the baby gives me time to!!) I anticipate a very swift birth next time!!”.

Dr Byham and Matt

Please visit the website for dates of current courses: Myself and Mary Harris have teamed up to run group courses in Hypnobirthing at Cheltenham Holistic Centre

I am also available to run one-to-one courses from the comfort and of your own home in Gloucestershire.