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Valentine Gardener – Positive Birthing & Parenting

Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8TJ, England

Singapore , Asia

Hello! My name is Valentine.

​What does a positive birth and postnatal experience mean to you? 

I am on a mission to support women and their birth partners with the knowledge and tools to build positivity and confidence in pregnancy, birth and postnatally. I am a certified Hypnobirthing, Antenatal and Postnatal Wellbeing practitioner from Winchester, Hampshire though I see clients from all over the world thanks to Zoom! 

The Hypnobirthing & Antenatal course is as much about releasing fears and creating your very own relaxation toolkit, as it is about understanding the physiology of birth, and the many choices available to you, to help you have the best possible birth experience– whatever that looks like for you! 

The Postnatal Wellbeing sessions, delivered antenatally or postnatally, are designed to help you navigate what can be an emotionally intense time with calm and confidence. An opportunity to prepare for a positive postnatal period or reflect on your postnatal experience so far and work out how YOU want your motherhood to be. 

Please get in touch for more information or to book a free chat (with no obligation to sign up afterwards!). 


You deserve to have a brilliant birth experience.

Many women approach birth feeling fearful in some ways, not surprising given the negative stories flooding our media and what we might have heard (or not heard) about birth from family and friends growing up!  And because of the pressures on our wonderful NHS maternity services, many women end up going along the ‘conveyor belt of care’, not knowing their options and birth rights.

This needs to change and I want to help!

Hypnobirthing is as much about releasing fears and the toolbox of relaxation techniques as it is about the science of birth, and the many choices and options available to you, to help you have the best possible birth experience– whatever that looks like for you.

My other mission is Postnatal Wellbeing and supporting parents (whether for the 1st or 4th time!) in the incredibly beautiful but intense early days and weeks postpartum. Having experienced anxiety before having children, and again when my daughter was born, I feel really strongly about equipping parents with practical tools to navigate this momentous transition with confidence and calm.

I am a mum of two toddlers and live in Winchester, Hampshire. I can often be seen in town pushing a double buggy with a sleeping boy and a chatty toddler girl. As well as running after my two, I love going for park runs (on my own preferably ☺) and walking in the countryside where my husband and I get to properly talk! Am I a parenting expert? Absolutely not, I am a complete work in progress! I try my best, I make mistakes, I try again tomorrow, I have regrets, I feel guilt, I feel resentful, I feel guilty for feeling resentful, I laugh a lot, and I cry sometimes too. I strive to be a GOOD ENOUGH mum because parenting is a bit of a rollercoaster that is going too quickly for my liking, and I want to enjoy the ride, even if I have my eyes closed sometimes i.e. completely winging it!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch on  with any questions. I offer a range of private and group courses, in person and on Zoom, including Hypnobirthing Refresher and Positive Caesarean courses. For more information or to book a free chat (with no obligation to sign up afterwards!) you can also have a look at my website

“So grateful for the guidance given by Valentine during our Positive Birthing & Parenting Zoom-sessions! These very exciting times come with so many questions, and there is so much to read out there.. in my case this often lead to more confusion than clarity. Valentine has given me the confidence to make this a positive experience. We are feeling reassured and calmer about the birth and about the next steps ahead. Valentine is like a coach who makes you feel at ease, who listens to your questions without judging and who is warm and professional at the same time. Thank you so much for building up our knowledge and trust! We highly recommend the Positive Birthing & Parenting courses to anybody who wants to feel more knowledgeable and relaxed about giving birth.”- First time expectant parents (based in India!)

“Working with Valentine has been an enlightening and empowering experience for both myself and for my partner. Valentine allowed us to openly share our fears and worries and ask any questions, with no judgement. It was a journey through our thoughts and feelings around birth with a central theme really being the partnership of you and your birthing partner whoever that is. Having the 1-1 allowed us the time to experiment with the different types of practices that hypnobirthing involves. Valentine is incredibly knowledgeable and balances the teaching and also organic conversation well. Not to mention she is a warm and inviting person with a real passion for her work. As the time draws closer I feel more confident and excited to meet my baby and I know my partner feels more involved and central to the whole process following our time with Valentine. Plus it doesn’t stop once the class is over, Valentine is there for questions, thoughts, reflections and just this alone gives me such a sense of togetherness and support. Thank you Valentine!” – First time expectant parents

“Cannot recommend Valentine enough. She was incredibly friendly and made both my husband and I feel very relaxed. Having done a hypnobirthing course with my first child, and thinking I was prepared for my second Valentine has made me reflect in a really positive way. As a result it has made me really think about my birth preferences for my upcoming second labour and not afraid to ask for what I feel is important to us as a family. I also loved the physiological element of the training and it has made visualisations alot easier. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to feel informed, stay relaxed and eradicate any birthing fears.” – Second time mum 

“We completed the group course this weekend and were both so impressed with the amount of information provided. The course included Scientific information about the birth process, hormones and the different nervous systems. This was all related back to the Hypnobirthing approach. It was very useful having the course notes and Hypnobirthing book to take with us so that we can practise the different strategies in preparation for the birth of our baby. Thank you Valentine for reminding me that birth is a natural process and making me realise that it really can be a positive experience.” – Expectant parents

“Thank you again for the past 4 weeks. It was so lovely meeting you and being guided through all the information and techniques. Even over zoom – everything felt really clear and understandable at all times. We both feel it has been hugely beneficial, and like I said last night – I genuinely feel quite excited about the birth now!!” – Mum-to-be

“I came in slightly sceptical and as a medical professional I realise I have a skewed view on childbirth. I have left absolutely converted!” – Mum-to-be

More testimonials can be found on my website. 

Group and Private courses delivered in person or via Zoom. 

·       Private courses are held in the comfort of your own home or Zoom (from £179 per woman and up to 2 birth partners).

·       Group courses are held at my home in Winchester or Zoom (£199 per woman and up to 2 birth partners). Please visit my website for available dates:

·       Refresher, post 36 weeks and Positive Caesarean birth courses are also available. More information can be found here: 

Please get in touch on  with any questions. I’m always very happy to chat on the phone also (in fact I prefer it ☺). You can also have a look at the KGH website which has lots of useful information.