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The AIMS Guide to Induction of Labour

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Do you want to know more about having your labour induced? Or have you already decided to have an induction but you want to know how you can prepare for it? At AIMS we want to help you make the decisions that are right for you.

The AIMS Guide to Induction of Labour guides you through your rights and provides essential, evidence-based information about the benefits and risks of induction of labour in different situations. It is for you to weigh up the evidence and decide whether induction of labour is right for you and your baby. The AIMS Guide to Induction of Labour gives easy to read key evidence point and also highlights where there is a lack of good evidence. There are suggestions of issues to consider and questions you may want to ask your midwife or doctor. There are explanations of methods used to induce labour, what to expect, the options you may have during the process, and ideas on how to prepare and encourage an induction to work. In addition to this book, AIMS has a website with more information and a helpline for anyone using the maternity services to seek information and support.

The AIMS Guide to Induction of Labour is also a handbook for those working in any part of our maternity services, for birth workers and anyone else supporting parents through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

“The epidermic of induction of labour (including induction by Sweep) across the world at this moment makes this book essential reading for all women. Probably only 10% of women go into labour spontaneously so every pregnant woman will be faced with pressure to make this choice.”

Katharine Graves