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Vitamin K and the Newborn – Dr Sara Wickham

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What is Vitamin K? Why is it offered to all newborn babies? Does my baby need it? Should we agree to an injection, oral supplements or decide to do neither? Are there alternatives? Can we postpone the decision? Are some babies more at risk, and why? Vitamin K has been routinely recommended for newborn babies for several decades, and many parents are happy for their child to be given this. But others want more information, have questions about why this intervention is offered or want to know whether there are downsides. This book guides the reader on a journey through the information, debate and research on this topic. It explains the issues and clarifies the different perspectives, drawing upon up-to-date midwifery and medical evidence and opinion and parents’ stories.

“Vitamin K is another question that couples always ask about in a KGHypnobirthing class. It is another case when the question arises whether prophylactic treatment for everyone justifies the tiny risk. If you read this book you will be well informed and can make your own choice.”

Katharine Graves