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KG Hypnobirthing at Southmead Maternity Hospital

We started offering our courses in April 2018 and have taught over 300 couples. We were running two courses each month, and now run them via Zoom due to Covid-19 restrictions. This course was easily transferred to this new format of teaching too.

We have received excellent feedback from couples and received some wonderful birth stories too. Couples feel empowered, their birth partner feels that they have a real role and confidence in the birth process. For couples, whose birth maybe not had been what they wished for, either an instrumental or caesarean, they often comment that the health professionals were impressed with how calm they were. In addition, they still comment that their birth was a positive experience as they were empowered to ask questions.
We offer discounted prices for woman who have been referred by our perinatal mental health midwives. They report that after attending our course they start to look forward to giving birth.

Midwives who have completed their training feel that they have a deeper understanding to support couples who choose hypnobirthing during their labour. Our team of nine midwives who teach these courses won the Chief Midwifery Officer Silver Award for excellence for our KGHypnobirthing course, we are all very proud.

Kindest Regards
Wendy Proctor

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