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Deliciously Ella and KGHypnobirthing

Very happy to share KGHypnobirthing with the gurus of healthy living and eating Ella and Matt. There is so much you can do when you focus on a healthy approach to life – in diet, exercise and of course birth. It’s a pleasure to support them as they focus on the normality of birth.

in our first session we covered the evidence behind KGHypnobirthing, as well as the breathing and techniques to achieve the best possible birth. On the second day we go deeper into how to apply this knowledge when you actually give birth, how to work with your medical caregivers, and why this is the very best start in life for your baby. 

We will share more from Ella and Matt as we support them in this exciting time or you can follow Ella’s pregnancy journey (and be tempted by lots of her delicous food!) on Instagram .

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World Hypnobirthing Day

Today is World Hypnobirthing Day! 

The celebration always falls on March 21st, the first day of Spring, which symbolises birth and new beginnings. This isn’t something just for our KGH followers – regardless of who you learnt with or what school you teach parents with, we all come together on this one day so we can raise awareness around the world of the benefits of hypnobirthing.

Celebrating the immense impact that Hypnobirthing has had on so many women, their birth partners and of course their babies! And how this has changed the lives of birth professionals as they care for these parents-to-be. It’s a day when different hypnobirthing methods come together to help spread the word on the immense impact hypnobirthing has on people’s lives.

At KGH, we give birthing women and their partners the tools and knowledge to have the birth they really want. Hypnobirthing is for all birth situations and truly can be life changing to the mother, her partner and possibly most importantly to the baby itself – I am told frequently that KGH babies are calmer, cry less and feed better. I don’t believe that is a coincidence!

My mission at KGH is for all birthing people to feel powerful and confident, to be empowered with the knowledge we share with them to remember their baby’s birth with happiness and love. Today is the day to share with everyone the power of Hypnobirthing. I hope you will join me in doing so!

Happy World Hypnobirthing Day to you all!

History and Growth of Hypnobirthing

From its infancy with research from Dr. Grantly Dick Reid, work from Ina May and Michelle Leclaire O’Neill, hypnobirthing has come on in leaps and bounds.  The graph below shows the growth in interest in the worldwide searches of hypnobirthing (from Google trends).  The middle spike shows when Prince George was born in 2014 (with the world’s media speculating if Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, had used hypnobirthing techniques) and the far right spike recently in 2020 is when Kate actually confirmed in a podcast that she had used hypnobirthing for all three of her royal births. On top of this, the rise of high profile celebrities sharing their own hypnobirthing stories, have lead to the steady rise in people in people talking about it and knowing what it actually is! 

Growth of Hypnobirthing


Celebrate, Connect, Support and Share

Last year, leading hypnobirthing methods joined together to help spread the word and in this second year, we will be sharing some fantastic resources with you.   From informative articles, inspirational stories, free resources and some great offers. 

World HB day logo final 1

Join us on this journey, share your own stories, join in the celebration and we can all make hypnobirthing sky rocket!

Mama Conference Talk – Midwives Tuning in to Hypnobirthing with Mothers

The Mama Conference is always an inspiring event and KGHypnobirthing is delighted to support it. This year I had the privilege of being invited to speak on ‘Midwives Tuning in to Hypnobirthing with Mothers.’

It is a very heart warming to see the snowball effect that hypnobirthing is having with so many midwives now having first hand experience of a hypnobirthing mum and seeing how transforming it can be for women during childbirth.  I discussed this alongside the common misconceptions about hypnobirthing.

One is that it is a method of pain relief in labour and the other is that it is a load of techniques that you learn to use in labour. Neither of this is true.

mama conference smHypnobirthing is NOT a method of pain relief in labour because it works on a completely different premise. It works on the principle that if you learn to use your mind to work with your body, the pain may not be there in the first place. If it is not there, you don’t need to relieve it.

Hypnobirthing is NOT a load of techniques to use in labour because it is actually a way of educating a woman to release her fears, stresses and the assumptions she may have been programmed with throughout her life so that her mind and body can work together positively in the way nature intended for an efficient and comfortable labour and birth.

To fully explain both of these rather sweeping statements is what you learn on a KGHypnobirthing course. You often see top sportsmen and woman work with a sports psychologist to achieve the best results for them, you could regard hypnobirthing as the sports psychology of giving birth.

If you are a midwive or birth professional supporting women in childbirth you may be interested in finding out more about this revolution in child birth that is helping women.  As one midwife is quoted as saying “I’ve never seen anything like it.  It’s how every birth should be.”  You can read some more midwife hypnobirthing stories here and find out more about our birth professions KGH teacher training course here

The Mama Conference has a fabulous line-up of speakers for next year, click here to find out more information. 

Breech Baby says No to Cesarean Section

Birth stories are one of the highlights of this job, but even more so when the baby arrives upside down!

Many breach babies are now routinely delivered in hospital with a caesarean as this is deemed the safest option. However this should not always be the case. I know many hypnobirthing mothers who have delivered breech babies naturally and safely and strongly believe that this over medicalized stance on delivering breech babies is wrong.

I will not launch into this debate now, but just share this heart-warming story of the baby who was not going to wait for a caesarean.

Tracey had been advised that with her babies bottom was fully engaged in a breech position and therefore she had no option but to book in for a caesarean. This she did reluctantly as she had wanted a natural birth.

“I have some wonderful news – I went into labour, was seconds away from being wheeled into theatre for my caesarean (as planned as docs felt safest given circumstances) and I just had to push. Minutes later out came little Sandy. She weighed in at 6lbs and is simply a joy. I had been in labour all day just didn’t realise that was what labour felt like!

Both Pete, my husband, and I are thrilled with our little upside down package. Your practices definitely helped me stay calm and focussed. Thank you. “

The old adage ‘babies knows best’ definitely worked well in this case. A natural birth is always the healthiest option for both Mum and her baby, even when they insist on arriving bottom first.

For any Mums to be who find themselves with a breech baby the most important thing to know is you do have options. Here is a wonderful article looking at breech compared to so called normal presentation.