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Breech Baby says No to Cesarean Section

Birth stories are one of the highlights of this job, but even more so when the baby arrives upside down!

Many breach babies are now routinely delivered in hospital with a caesarean as this is deemed the safest option. However this should not always be the case. I know many hypnobirthing mothers who have delivered breech babies naturally and safely and strongly believe that this over medicalized stance on delivering breech babies is wrong.

I will not launch into this debate now, but just share this heart-warming story of the baby who was not going to wait for a caesarean.

Tracey had been advised that with her babies bottom was fully engaged in a breech position and therefore she had no option but to book in for a caesarean. This she did reluctantly as she had wanted a natural birth.

“I have some wonderful news – I went into labour, was seconds away from being wheeled into theatre for my caesarean (as planned as docs felt safest given circumstances) and I just had to push. Minutes later out came little Sandy. She weighed in at 6lbs and is simply a joy. I had been in labour all day just didn’t realise that was what labour felt like!

Both Pete, my husband, and I are thrilled with our little upside down package. Your practices definitely helped me stay calm and focussed. Thank you. “

The old adage ‘babies knows best’ definitely worked well in this case. A natural birth is always the healthiest option for both Mum and her baby, even when they insist on arriving bottom first.

For any Mums to be who find themselves with a breech baby the most important thing to know is you do have options. Here is a wonderful article looking at breech compared to so called normal presentation.


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