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She Built Up My Confidence

I just wanted to share with all of Katharine’s followers and all fellow Hypnobirthing teachers taught through KG Hypnobirthing my experience- I felt so blessed and lucky to have the opportunity, (which all teachers have), to go and watch one of Katharine’s Parents Courses’ at St.Thomas’ Hospital. I have my first course starting next Monday evening and I was so nervous as to what to say/ how to run the session/ how to split the information into different sessions. Watching Katharine, first hand and hands on with Mums (& fathers) – to – be, was truly inspiring. She is an absolute natural when it comes to teaching and has a passion which is contagious. Katharine’s approach to teaching parents is wholesome, nurturing, reassuring and informative. I left felt so comforted, calm and confident and I’m not even about to become a mother! She built up my confidence and reassured me that I will make a great teacher to my parents to be. Thank you Katharine!

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