KG Hypnobirthing is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence during pregnancy and birth.

Hypnobirthing Teacher Training

Are you thinking about becoming a hypnobirthing teacher?  Do you want to experience the satisfaction of supporting pregnant women with hypnobirthing?  Maybe you have experienced first-hand the joy of hypnobirthing or you have been inspired by stories from friends and want to get qualified to teach hypnobirthing.  Become involved in this hypnobirthing positive birth revolution and you can enable women to have the birth of their choice.  For pregnant women and their partners, finding out what they need to know is the first step to an empowering birth.  This is where hypnobirthing teachers can make a real difference in the lives of women, their partners and the baby’s calm arrival into the world.

Do you have questions on how to become a hypnobirthing instructor, hypnobirthing practitioner, or as we call them, a KGHypnobirthing teacher?  Read our guide below or contact us with specific questions on how it suits your circumstances.  Being a hypnobirthing teacher can fit with your other commitments and you can benefit by combining it with other skills you already have.

Hollie Robinson

Hollie Robinson

Birthing Archie was the best moment of my life and I feel that this is something I must help to share with other women. I am beaming with excitement to help mothers and their birthing partners to feel positive and calm during their birth, to feel comfortable with any decisions that they make and to know that they can have a birth that is right for both them and their baby.

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What does a hypnobirthing teacher do?

A KGHypnobirthing teacher guides parents-to-be, instructing them in hypnobirthing techniques and preparing them for different stages of pregnancy and birth by running a 12-hour hypnobirthing course (either face-to-face or via Zoom) which includes:

  • Hypnotherapy techniques and relaxation exercises
  • Physiology of birth and the mind/body connection
  • Practical antenatal information
  • Visualisations and birth preparation
  • Scenarios, alternatives and questions to ask
  • Evidence and research

Who can be a hypnobirthing teacher?

Anyone can train to be a KGHypnobirthing teacher.  You do not need special qualifications to sign up.  If you have enthusiasm for helping women and their partners to navigate their choices around pregnancy and birth, you are ready to train.  Hypnobirthing teachers come from a range of backgrounds.  Here are a few examples from our recent courses:

  • A midwife wanting a hypnobirthing qualification for continued professional development
  • A hypnotherapist deciding to specialise in hypnobirthing
  • A sales manager looking for a new direction
  • A yoga teacher adding a new specialism to their practice
  • A full-time mother seeking a fulfilling way to earn, to fit in with her commitments

What qualifications do you need to be a hypnobirthing teacher?

There are no specific qualifications required, although your prior experience, knowledge and skills are very useful to hypnobirthing.  If you have worked in an office, this can help you in running your own business.  If you are a therapist, teacher or customer service executive, you will be accustomed to speaking to individuals and groups, which will give you a head start when beginning as a KGH teacher.  If you are a midwife, you know about birth already and can supplement it with additional skills.  If you are a hypnotherapist, you understand the impact of well-chosen words.

Whatever your background, you will bring your unique self and skills to becoming a hypnobirthing teacher and you can focus your teaching on supporting pregnant women and their partners in your area of speciality or in general.  Our KGH teachers are as varied as pregnant women, so there is always someone who is the right person to support you in different circumstances with a KGHypnobirthing network to help with any questions.  

If you are wondering what you need to consider when choosing a hypnobirthing course or which course is right for you, read our guide on becoming a hypnobirthing teacher.  For more information on KGHypnobirthing teacher training courses, please visit our teacher training information page.  If you have further questions, see our teacher training FAQ page.  And for other examples of KGH teacher experiences, read our teacher testimonials.

KGHypnobirthing has been featured in:

The Sunday Times The Guardian Radio 4 Woman's Hour Prima Baby & Pregnancy OK! Mother & Baby  The Telegraph Daily Mail


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